Friday, November 2, 2012

# Daily Journal

Financial Report

in 2011 i find my monthly expense are very big..

i mean i don't really know where the money go..

in that time i start to save my money

so that my hubby and i can buy a house..

the rest of money is so little

and i'm so curious where it go..

i want to trace it but i don't have a good memory...

then i find this website

i use it everyday, really consistent

and because of that many of my friends get influence to use this website too

i'm good in promote something, they should pay me :D

in, you can budgeting

recording your expense per category.

they provide a very complete category, we can also add some category

you can have the summary  for monthly report

anything are recorded

just need your consistency

the guilty feeling now are reduce..

because i know where the money go


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