Thursday, November 8, 2012

# Daily Journal

Magical thing and disaster

One incident happened yesterday in my office
One of my friend were installing cable in the roof
But the roof not strong enough to hold his body
He then fall  from 2.5 m of heights

Imagine the class room
He fall in between 2 people who doing class activity
Laying down on the floor between 2 tables
And he's doing fine.., till today he still do his daily job
It could be the precise point to fall, cause if it shift for a few cm he could have a bad injury that may change his life.,

Some miracle that happen, but on the other hand its a disaster for my other friend..
She is the one who got the effect
Her lend is hitting by a part of his body..
When it happened, seems nothing that hurt to her
But she was really shocked. She couldn't stand for a while.

She's better now but still in the hospital checking her condition
Hopefully she's doing fine too,aminn...

This accident make me realize something
How disaster can happen in a second and even in a safe place.,
Let's start day with Bismillah
Sometimes I forget too.,

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