Monday, November 26, 2012

# Daily Journal

Change it, Please

yesterday my cellphone is shutting down all day

and just turn on again in the night before i sleep 

this is one of my bad behavior

lazy to charge the phone 

that cause i missing something that really significant.. 

some news that really important

sometimes i make trouble for other people

like in collage my hubby calling me through my friend's phone

or my parent that get difficult to reach me

or my superior who try to give the duty but suddenly get pending because of me..

yesterday morning my friend's dad is died

and i get the news at night

feeling guilty so much cause i should have to meet her in that day 

since my house is near to her and i was outside too

but its late..

i really really should change this behavior!!

i'm sorry

hopefully everything will gonna be ok and please give her strength

and forever make her a child who always pray for her father.., amin

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