Thursday, November 22, 2012

# aleena

10 Months Aleena's Record

in this age my aleena love to crawling in the floor
she wants to be free
so she always angry if one of my fam try to lift her

she can stand for 1-3 seconds independently without hanging on something

she knows what she want..
she'll cry until get what she wants or get the replacement

when she stop crying she never leave a trace..
just suddenly quiet, happy and smiling face

she can say many words
specifically when she calling person

papap -- nene (my mother) -- keke or tate (my father)
jahhhh (house maid, her real name is ijah)
dede (the construction worker)
and my nickname (mmmmmmmahhh maa, still not clearly @_@)

sometimes she will just call anyone "Ehhhh eh eh"

another word is nggga, udahhh, lalalala, dadada, babababa.,

and her favourite words is papapapaapap

i thought it was just coincidence but she really calling my hubby

i test her with asking "where is papap"
she then take a look at the picture that hanging in my room
my fave pic from my prewed picture

Aleena is my hubby's big fans and of course after me...,

when my phone ringing, she already know and will follow get on the phone
i use to call in speakerphone
and she will say "ehhhh ehh eh Hoooo mmmmm EHhh EHHh ehhh hoooo mmmm mm"
Something like that :D

she already know how to make a phone call..
before she say something,she will listen her papap first

Good Night everybody

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