Monday, November 12, 2012

# Daily Journal

TGIF except the traffic

When it comes to Friday my mood usually change., there are a lot spirit, have a very good mood in doing the job.,
But then in 5 o'clock I need to face the traffic., the spirit was gone when I imagine my way back to the home. Even I love Friday but the traffic is the worst...
Spending much on the street. Till I think that take a walk would be faster than riding on the car. I only need to get straight from the Office. But still the distance to my home is too far..
My friend sometimes make fun of me
They said I should try  rolling down to reach the deştiny
With public transportation, I use to spend at least an hour.. If I'm lucky, in 40 to 50 minutes I can arrive in my home
I can get faster by using motorcycle, of course not as the driver.,
In the beginning, I used to home riding on ojeg. The driver seems enjoying the trip so he like to drive with a very high speed. The trip make me feel like I'm flying. I even don't have an encourage to open my eyes. It feels like in the race.
Then I tell the story to teh fit., and şhe teach me to have a word with him to drive in the normal way since I'm the one who pay it. She said I have the rights to do that.
I need a few days to do that. I'm not really good in warning someone., and finally I get this encourage, I tell him to drive slowly., and it works., The day after and after he drive really slow, not the expected speed but at least I can enjoy the view.,
One tips in warning someone don't use "don't".,  better use the opposite., when use "don't", the warning will be meaningless., and you still experience the unwanted situation.,

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