Friday, December 14, 2012

# Daily Journal

The Benefit of Labeling

Labeling have a lot of benefit for the readers
but what I want to talk about is
the benefit for ourselves as the writer..

When I start to write a blog
I have no idea what to write..
And just like following others..

There is not the excitement

Until 4 months ago
I read again my blog
and found some memory 

it's really fun and a little bit regret it
Why the posts are only a little

Then I decide to write
Day by day
I write and start to enjoy it

Write about everything

Since I don't really know what category my blog belongs to 
┼čo I write everything that come on my mind.,

One day my hubby ask me to start the labelling
and i try to follow the instruction in every post...,

Now I can see which label that belongs to my favorite

This labeling help me a lot in recognizing who I am..

I want to make an extraordinary blog
So the first thing to do is 

to know who I am and what I love

The labeling help me a lot..
So this is my beginning journey and 

hopefully can make the benefit for others too.,

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