Monday, December 24, 2012

# aleena

How Many Children

My dream plan is to have 9 children.....,,,

And of course my hubby always ask "the reality please" Then maybe 4 

Btw actually deep inside of me...

Always think about

What if i have other child beside Aleena

Can I and hubby still love Aleena in the same way

How to make it fair..,,,

How to make Aleena doesn't feel our concern change

Something like that...,,,,,

In one time I ever think to just have her..,,,,

Since I love her too much...,

And yesterday I just know that 

my hubby also think the same way....,,,,,

Anyway apart from our mind about that

We still have a plan for Aleena's sister or brother

Cause we don't want her to feel the loneliness...,

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