Tuesday, December 4, 2012

# aleena

My Baby Break The Rubik

Waaawwww there is a baby break the rubik...

my hubby said that last night

but in a complete

Waaawwww there is a baby break the rubik, literally

yap our aleena break my rubik into 4 pieces when i change her clothes,

3 small pieces and 1 the rest of the rubrik and this is the picture

even when i 'm sick over of it i can't do this

what a strong baby girl

after she sleep, i try to fix it, a little bit curious how to break it

so i want to break this to into small pieces too..

all of them, kind interesting too..

this is the result...

now the final duty is to arrange this rubik again into a new one..

almost success but i can't arrange the last pieces

the hole is really small, i think i need to rearrange this again..

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