Thursday, December 20, 2012

# aleena

Aleena's teeth

When aleena's teeth haven't come out
 i feel a little bit worry
cause other child in her age already have it

i don't want to waste my energy
worried about this
so i close my eyes and ear about other child's growth
and just think that
every child is different and have their own timetable

to make more comfortable, i ask the doctor..
when a baby should have their teeth at least one?
and he said in 15months..

Aleena's age at that time is 10 months
so i think there's another 5 months to stimulate her teeth grow
nothing to worry then...

and now almost reach 11 months finally
2 of her teeth almost appear

btw this is the information about baby's teeth grow
An average baby will have six teeth by his or her first birthday but it's normal to have more or none at all. The rate of teeth eruption is not connected to how well he is being fed or nurtured - it's entirely dependent on genetic circumstances. If you and your partner developed teeth late, then your baby will too.

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