Monday, December 24, 2012

# aleena

Going on 11 months

In this time
aleena is really really talkative

When she cry,
it heard more like she singing
something like that

A little bit funny acctualy...,

She can stand for a few seconds without holding anything
And for me
the special thing is
not only about her progress..

But her looks that change into smiley face
when she succeed to stand up by herself

The looks that telling me "hey mommy I can do it"

And sometimes the smile become wider
when I start counting..
What I see is aleena feels the challenge.,

It's really cute

and on this time,
two of her teeth already appear on the same side..,
it's upper - central incistor and lower - central incistor..,

i see it in the teeth map on android application called baby growth

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