Monday, December 31, 2012

# aleena

Aleena's first Photo Studio

One of activity on closing this year..
is to have aleena's photo studio

feeling a little bit nervous..
because aleena is feeling scary to new person
but since i choose tif or see here stela ricaldi (the place where we took a prewedding photos)
and know about the photographer who really really skilfull, patient and friendly...
the feeling then gone..

and just as my prediction...
the situation was going smooth
even the photographer is a different person 
it's because the people are really nice and patient

they give a lot of space for aleena
and give her a lot of time to play
no crying at all
just in the end when she feels sleepy,,

she change 4 costume..
and the photo takes 2 hours..
we didn't even realize it..

here is the candid photo by hubby
and the layout by me..
acctually i'm using application called image chef :p


  1. Weeeew, tempting
    Wanna go there for adel's
    And the full address is?

  2. Paskal Hyper Square B-78A, booking dulu din ini no telp (022)860-60798

  3. sankyu... blom jadi2, blom ada waktu :D...