Friday, December 7, 2012

# Life Lesson

Get Focus in Work

To be honest

i play a lot in my office, not playing game

but playing with scratch, try to make animation

spend a lot of time with the animation till

the duty to make an exam got neglected

I often lose focus in work..

anything can distract me

and sometimes it disturb me..

so this is what i do when i want to serious in working

i make a note..,some list

when i see the list it's really long
i never realize that
got panic yap

but as soon as i make the list..
i got action on it
sometimes it looks impossible to make it in one day
but i think there's magic on it
because when i 'm going home, i always leave a blank note.,

the impossible become possible

every time i take a break or playing
the note is always on my mind
and can't help to avoid the duty

so just make a note when you need to focus
it's really helpfull

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