Tuesday, December 18, 2012

# Life Lesson

Unpleasant Journey

Saturday night in the way back home to bandung..
we were traveling in bad weather
big rain.. and sometimes the view were covered with fog

it makes me feel really really nervous
and even more for my hubby

it wasn't the trip that we expected
i can't clearly see the street...
and that was a bad situation for my hubby
to be focus on driving with the limited view of the street

the only way i can do is only pray so that we were home safely...,
i need to be calm down because i don't want to ruin hubby's concentration
so this is what i do to covering the fear

i'm looking up to the sky
watching the rain fall to the window..
with the exposure from the street light
it's beautifull.,,, really really

thank god i still can look the beauty in that situation
and of course we were then home safely and finnaly meet
our little aleena..,

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