Monday, December 31, 2012

# Daily Journal

Lucky Me

When i already accept the worse situation
 that may come in friday..
 (the holiday season traffic)

suddenly the unexpected thing happened to me
here is the story

 i was ride public transportation..
and at that time i was alone...
 the driver also seems doesn't have the spirit
till he find a group of women in dago

he then ask their destination..
and do you know what..
they want to go to btc
and that was also my destiny...

There are so many place in Bandung
but but they want to BTC
so lucky me....
Just hearing BTC i already feel happyy...

Then the driver bargaining price
he offer the service like taksi..
he try to offer 50 thousands rupiah
but they only want 30 thousands rupiah..

the driver seems doesn't want to miss it
so he say ok 40 thousands..
but they still don't want it
and they just raise it for 35 thousands rupiah..

 finnally the driver give up on 35 thousands rupiah.
he then apologize to me and ask me if i could ride on other angkot..
but of course i don't want to missed it too

so i tell him i'll pay the 5 thousands rupiah..
cause my destiny is also BTC..,
the angkot then trough the overpass..
it was my first time..
cause angkot never through the overpass..

 finally i arrived at 6pm
it's one and half hour earlier than usual..
and about the saving time, i use it to the salon :p

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