Monday, December 10, 2012

# Dream Big

Love Letter from YouTube

Today i get an email from YouTube...

Beginning in 4 years ago

when i love the interaction between hwanhee and hwayobi in WGM

and just want to watch some partof their show

so i  make one video.. a part of their activity in the show that i think it's cute

just for fun

i upload this into YouTube

and that's it...

already forget about the video and suddenly get this letter

"Dear mysweetnayo,
(Mysweetnayo is hubby's nickname.. Sometimes i call him nayo)

We notice that one of your videos is becoming popular on YouTube. We
love seeing our creators be successful, and we'd like to invite you to
monetize your video."

felling sooo happy

my way now opening one by one

have a new spirit now

let's make a good video content

what could it be???

we'll see then

loph lophhh... :D

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