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Family House Print

Hubby ever complained to me.. he said "you always draw for aleena.. then how about me?" so now i try to make something for him.. here is for you,  Mr. Dzulhikam

Photo Collage Letter

Yesterday i saw a photo collage letter on Pinterest and try to imagine it with aleena's photos  It will be cute of course, so now i try to make it one... and here is the result

10 Fun and Engaging Tape Activites For Toddler

Play with the tape is really fun.... I've played once with aleena  and now i want to explore more activity with tape... Try to browsing some ideas and here they are: 1. Tracing Number [ Hand On As We Grow ] 2. Tape Art [ Tinkerlab ] 3. Race Track [ Two Daloo ] 4. Abstract Art Fire Trucks [ The Good Long Road ] 5. Walk The Line [ Hands On As We Grow ] 6. Tape Resist Banner [ Craftulate ] 7. Painter's Tape Roadway [ Mama Papa Bubba ] 8. Sticky Feet [ OMG There's Three ] 9. Wrap The Stick [ Teach Preschool ] 10. Tape Shape Game [ The Pleasantest Thing ]

Bird Wall Art

Drawing is so much fun... Now this is what i do everyday.. Draw something..,,

Fairy Wall Art


This is a game that very very addictive you need to make sure you have a time to play because sometimes i can't stop  i usually say once more.. only once again.. just once.. and never stop.. Actually i'm stop when aleena needs me..., This game is about join the numbers to get 2048 tile.., my achievement so far is until 512..., here is the link  2048

10 Creative Recycled Cardboard Craft for Kids

I'm gonna move to our house and buy some new appliances... So there will be a lot of cardboard.. I just browsing some idea  to recycle this cardboard.. especially for aleena.. here they are: 1. Cardboard House [ Ambosia Creative ] 2. Sensory Boxes [ Meri Cherry ] 3. Castle [ The Busy Budgetting Mama ] 4. Mailbox [ Ikatbag ] 5. FunTown [ The Imagination Tree ] 6. Moster Box [ a Mom with a Lesson Plan ] 7. Tugging Box [ Laughing Kids Learn ] 8. Cardboard Stacker [ Meaningful Mama ] 9. Cardboard Box Shape Sorter [ Parents ] 10. Dumpster [ Hands On as we grow ]

About Taking Care a Baby

A week ago, i was in bad condition... I feel more sensitive and sometimes I can't handle myself...., It feels more difficult when I take a role as stay at home mom... I tell my hubby about that... And he said "you want to work, go then but please have a breakfast and dinner with me" Thank you hubby.... That is what i want but it's not my choice..., Then he try to found an answer... And finally he said "I think you need me, you already taking care Aleena all day, so I should taking care of you in the night, right,,," I guess he's right..., for all this time I feel like a single parent even though there are a lot of people who could help me here..., I think I need his support and also hubby's role..., About taking care our Aleena Do you know what I've been through it... First Thing is I got shock with all about baby things..., I'm a last child and even I have a niece I never know how my sister taking care of him because she lives in Sy

My Baby Grow Up So Fast

Today i just found out a new lesson about how to color pop image... You can see the tutorial here I try to implement this tutorial with my daughter's picture from june 2013 and march 2014 i love the result.. and wow she grow up so fast, it's only 9 months.. anyway here is the result...,