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DIY Wall Clock

When we can't find any favorite wall clock hubby said "i challenge you to make our own wall clock." then i said "ok challenge accepted."   First i need a media to put the clock,,, i browse a lot but couldn't find any idea until we go to Baltos We suddenly get the same idea, We think to make a paint in the canvas and put the wall clock movement mechanism there Second i need an idea about the picture so i'm browsing again and again and again on Pinterest... I found the simple one that can still make us focus in seeing the time.., Finally i got an idea to make triangle pattern with neon color of course and blue to make it fair for hubby.... :D Here it is, the wall clock with my beautiful little girl The  two pictures are blur but it's really cute

My First Doodle T-Shirt

It began when i bought this two fabric marker.. Giotto decor textile, neon pink and neon yellow First time i saw it, i didn't really care about the function The only reason why i bought them is only the color... :p One day i wore a pink t-shirt and realized that the t-shirt is old enough so i decide to make a little experiment on it... I make a line in the pocket and that's it...., I still wore it while i drawing and it's so boring...  so i started again to make a bigger experiment.. This time i change the cloth and put the old T-shirt above the book..., I browse some cute pattern on Pinterest and finally get an idea to make a lot of cute camera.., Here is the result.....,

Mommy's Cook Book

Do you see the picture.. it is one page of my mommy's cook book..., This book is really really awesome.. I may be too much but this book help me a lot to interpret all cooking step  to something that easier to follow.. Other may think it's less information but for me it's already quite enough  because i keep some memory about the cooking technique.  I may never really cook but i always pay attention when i came in to the kitchen....,  This book is my starting point... i'm really grateful to have this book....,  my mom is really smart... she arrange it as if she writing code..  make some variable and function...., :D Now i try to follow her method. and you know what, it's a little bit difficult.. When i try to arrange new recipe, i keep looking to her book..., i thought it will be easy but it's not...

What Makes Me Survive

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest thing for me,,, doing the same things everyday could be boring..., moreover i'm a dynamic person.. so now i'm thinking about how to survive from the routines... and the answer is to create dynamic life in home First i'm thinking about things that will not be the same everyday and it is about food,,, I thought i can't cook, i didn't feel confident to cook for others... When i'm home, i just saw my grandma or my mom or my maid cook.. The excuse is why should i cook when there are a lot of people can cook :p But now it's different... i can cook , i never knew it before i feel more confident because hubby loves the food.. He loves the food because he loves me or he loves me because he loves the food.. Start confusing... i just know there are a lot of loves here :D Now i always try new recipe everyday.. i should also post here and maybe it's a goo idea too..,  Second i'm thinking about drawi

Hello World

Hello.. hello... again I really miss my blog.. Here i am now I'm going to tell you about my experience as stay at home mom but you should wait for a moment.. because i'm looking for the right time.. i mean the time when aleena playing outside Anyway, hello world...