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This is us

BLack and White Moon and Sun Original and Spicy Urban and Rural Some examples that reflect for what we like or what we want... Diffrent taste and diffrent desire Never met actually  Except One of us sacrifice for the other... or We get both of it one by one, to make it fair enough Nothing wrong just diffrent yepppp JUst different hahahahhahhahahah :))

Refreshing Time

I love to see a beautiful picture... So when i need to turn out from my job, i usually open and collect picture as many as possible.. Maybe some of the picture can be true in my life.. I love to see baby, dream house, food and pet.. so relaxing this is my wallpaper while i work in jakarta and through the three phases of pregnancy and the right one is my aleena one thing that come true is her big eyes.. same like me.. Alhamdulillah one thing i can be proud of because seems to be my only heritate.. :D

Future Job

Eight months has passed since i decide to spend my time only for aleena.. Happiest moments to enjoy her swing mood, her smile and her laugh so beautifull and so sincere.. Just missing of something.... A job.. I need a job, an activity, a goal of today... Maybe Allah knows that i really need a job.. Suddenly there are 2 person offer me a job.. and finally i choose my last office in bandung because  it can be more flexible since we've know each other not as a programmer but as a video editor for this moment.. still enjoying as always.. I really thankful for everything.. Start thinking again about what is my future job?? Just want to be on her side when she needs me. 1. programmer freelance pay with dollar... (so money oriented..) 2. teacher (still doubt with my capability) 3. insurance agent for financial freedom (still money oriented) 4. entrepreneur, being boss for myself, no rules., (dream work but what to sell???) Let's keep thinking.

Visual Person

I don't know whether it is my strength or my weakness... but since I know that I'm a visual person I prefer to face something with a blank mind.... because usually my mind will over think if I made a preparation when I failed then it comes to... "Oo so late.... " "I should know sooner.. " "what should I do" Get panic.. Stress then later get easy, everything gonna be all right :) But when I succeed "Yes I made it" Smiling face and happy life,,, Just sometimes my family get stress because too much think about me while I keep my side blank.., My hubby once said.. Is it your gift or ???? still have no idea just need to get balance, I think