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Welcome 2015

Hello everyone, here i am again... Missing my blog my own story of course 😜 Let's begin the story We finally can celebrate a new year in our own house... we were very very happy... We've dreamed it for a long time.. the happiness comes bigger when aleena's cousin stayed here too for the first time... In the afternoon we're going to bandung...  staying in my parent's house with my sister who came from aussie is really fun.. That's a rare moment when the whole family can stay in one place... i can be a child who don't need to think about everything and also a sister.. hey i 'm not alone, i have someone to count on it.. I have a very comfort zone in bandung for 10 days.. in 11th january when we took my sister and her family to the airport, i realize that it's time to back to reality.. The reality was awful... 12th january back in my house and i got my period... i couldn't control my emotion, angry and scream a lot..., it makes me feel like a