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2048 Strategy

One day i saw hubby's friend winning this game... then i was wondering  whether i could also win this game..., I used to play with the same method, sometimes it just random movement I always stuck in 512 tiles... so I was thought about how others doing.,,, I browse the strategy and got this one  How To Win 2048 It's very simple... I try to follow the method to build number side to side, collapse upward, focus on corner, and never ever ever swipe down... My biggest mistake, I always move the tiles to every direction...  When i try this method... My score is getting higher and higher and higher and suddenly i got this 2048 tile...

Hit The Button

When I give this game to hubby... He said "Where is the score".... So now i try to update my game... I make the button turn around faster than before,,, For the first ten seconds it move slow but then it getting faster and faster... I add scoring and also put a high score for my game...., If you want to play come to this link Hit The Button Here is for the preview

Begin Again

This is my mini game. i still have no idea about the title.. i start again to make a game since i resign from my job and it was inspired by aleena..   This game is about hitting the button when the color is change,,, i put our favorite character.. hello kitty, doraemon and mickey mouse Check it out, if you want to try to play it come to this link Scratch Project Don't forget to click the green flag to start the game...