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New Thing

Trying out a new thing could be really enjoyable.. avocado dicaprio, one of the J.Co Donuts variant.. I choose that taste instead of tiramisu when one of my friends bring a lot of donuts. Actually, i just pick randomly, one unusual donut that i think i'll never choose ever in my life. Since it's free, so i think thats ok to have a wrong choice for once. But then, the taste is really really amazing.., No regrets at all.. now i still imagine the taste and feeling helpless because J.Co is kind of hard to reach in Jakarta. Because that experience, now i always try to do something out of my habit..let's get out from the comfort zone.. :D

My weekday Activities

04:22 my hubby's alarm starts ringing and will keep sounding until he realized the alarm is really annoying., 04:30 I wakes up earlier coz I took the bath time longer than hubby., 05:10 I finish take a bath then try to wake my hubby and usually he just give a sign to sleep longer for 2-5 minutes., 05:15-05:35 hubby's turn to get ready Arround 05:40 start moving, first destination is smu 81 @jatiwaringin 06:00 arrive at the school, and while waiting mom fulfill her absent, I used to walk for a hundred meters to buy some breakfast (nasi kuning, risoles, lontong,pastel,kue lumpur) 06:15 start the quite a long journey to our office for arround 45 minutes to an hour. We spend our time with the breakfast and listening roti (ronal tike) @101 jak fm., really entertaining and make our day brighter in the middle of jakarta's traffic., for all of you wherever you are just try to listen jak fm at 6am to 10 am., its fun :D Arround 07:10-07:20 finally in my office @slipi, but sti