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Showing posts from October, 2010

Dream oh dream

Let's have a dream for a while.. I want to live without rules, want to have an adventure in some place where nobody know who i am. I really want to do that with nampyon.. there must be a lot of fun to do anything we like without feeling guilty.. Just want to do something out of the box Someday we'll do it and i am going to write here in my blog about the reality (dreams come true)

new Lesson today

think in simple way and you'll get it in easier way When you start doing your work, just try to do something than just only think that the work is complicated. just get action in every minute you have You'll never know til you try

New face of TwinQ

new TwinQ.. fresh and sweet Completely new template, layout and color .. make me want to write more in this blog hopefully there will be better post and more dream will come true. actually one of my post on february 2010 are already come true and really happy to know it