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Showing posts from February, 2010

Inspiration to a new life

i feel my world so narrow so limited.. i have access to internet which can make my world bigger but i find some difficulty to find what i want. i feel desperate but its not make me stop to find what i want. till for a moment i find a website It is fun to read it. I guess the website is complete for a women in my age :D When i read the website i feel like i read femina magazine. I told my friends about this web and they also interest to the website. They even more enjoy than myself :p after a moment, one of my friends told me about some blog that interesting. Then i try to read the blog and its right, its very interesting and make me find some idea or inspiration about something that i look for. anyway i get some idea to my blog. I want to have a lot capture of my day, of course the one that interesting. Actually this idea has come from a while ago but it is for my diary book and its kind of complicated and a little bit more expensive because it need to be print. A

Kissing You by SNSD

Feeling so light and also so happy to listen this song.. When i listen to this song and remember the video clip, i feel the day is very bright but its not. I was surprised when i see the sky because the sky is dark and has hard rain. but still my heart isn't change. its still happy because i keep listen to the song. ^o^ Thanks to this magic song and video clip

Let's get a new job

Finally i success force myself to apply for a new job... kind of difficult just feel lazy to write an application letter, don't know why finally 4 cv and application letter has been sent kind of win for a while in fighting against myself yup hopefully i can eliminate my bad side especially for my habit in postponing something that i can do right now...

fight against myself

feeling empty.. don't know what to do don't know what i want try to find something to complete my day but til now i can't find that thing try to push myself do something worth but feel a bit lazy to start do that thing actually i guess the answer is very easy just try to open myself for anything and do thing that i can do(i believe i can get something worth from it) it's easy to answer but hard to get some action on it., cause now i fight against myself

i'm back

it's 2010 that means i've been a year from the last time i write in my blog.. just find again the interest thing to write the blog today i'm going to meet my new cellphone.., i'm very happy to welcome my new cellphone but in the other hand i feel sad cause i love my last cellphone very much..:( hopefully i can get some fun with my new cellphone.. two hours more in waiting my future husband come to my place and get my new cellphone i love u honey