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2nd birthday

A year ago we celebrate her first birthday ....,  invite a lot of people to come to our house... It's actually a party for us, because aleena didn't understand yet..., :p But this year is different...., She already understand about birthday party..., She learned it from haadi's bithday video...., It's about singing a happy birthday song (for aleena it's hepinuyu) and blowing the candle...., So our mission this year is to make her happy.....  We don't invite people and just celebrate it with my family..., We prepare a chocolate devil cake (aleena's choice), candle, hat and baloons.... She was very very very happy...., She succeed blow a candle and even asked her papap to turn it on again... Actually i already teach her before, and the result, she blow it for three times...., I also allow her to contribute in cut her cake and share it with everyone.., She give the cake with a fork and also sweet kiss for everyone...., here is

Cat Lover

Aleena loves cat very much....., I have no idea when it begin.... But she always feel excited about it..., Actually it's not only cat... but also any other kind of animal...., She is better than me... she is a brave girl..., I'm really grateful that she doesn't follow my behaviour On that day she try to catch a cat, to hold it and moreover to ride on it...  One think that really difficult is when i keep her when she plays with animal...., I don't want to show her that i'm scared which is noy easy at all...., Anyway here is aleena's picture with her cousin haadi

Changes in Me

In a post before Why Should I , i think i already misunderstand about my dad... Today he drove me to the office and we talk a lot  He said that hubby and i already make some achievement... so we need to be grateful about it..., Then I think again about my dad... maybe he doesn't matter about money but more than that.. he wants to see some changes in me... something better..., something that differentiate me from old me..., because it seems he doesn't see it now Okay let's see it, then

Why Should I

One night my dad telling me about my cousin's achievement... Good carrier and high salary..., Then he compare me with my part time job and enough salary... He told me that i don't have ambition..., A little bit hurt because he compare it to salary..., To be honest.... I don't really care about my salary and about how i can prove to others that i'm good..., I don't live for people's opinion.... i just live for myself... I just want to enjoy my life and now i am... Is it wrong... What if my key factor to happiness is different from others... Am i wrong... Why should i live like other people??? Let me tell you about my ambition... here it is: i want to create a children story that will be remembered by all children in the world...,, I want to be a game maker especially in creating the main character that will be loved by every children I want to be a creative blogger that inspire many many many people especially for every woman around the world...

Fried Chicken Recipe

When hubby asked me to make a fried chicken I try to find a new recipe and got one from youtube., I make it with a lot of garlic...., The result is hubby really loves it... yap we're crazy about garlic.. aleena is the one who got the impact... She loves garlic, onion, green onion and etc... Anyway this one is really good.. check it out

Few Good Things on Early 2014

It begin with watching firework with aleena., last year she has a very deep sleep, but in this year she woke up at midnight..., There are something that can't be avoided so we introduce her to firework. Put a sweater,scarf,sock on her and bring her to outside...., a little bit worry because we never did before....,  but it's fun... we enjoy the firework....,  Got my birthday gift from fitada... eat delicious food and cake in the new restaurant giggle box..., thank you fito...Seeing diaper promotion when i wait fita...., buy one get one... unprecedented promotion....,  Buy a light blue jeans... new color for me and the most  important is hubby said he loves it.... Try richeese factory.. i love the wedges and the cheesecake... small portion but quite enough for me..., i want to go there again..., Go to a ceramic shop and get one new experience in buying kitchen appliances with hubby who also love the cute things...., it's even more fun when we bring aleen

Auto Awesome Photos

I just found out about this cool feature from google+ application on my android phone...., This feature create some gif picture and collage picture automatically..., One day i get notification on my phone and when i open it, i found some new version of my picture..., Here are the example..., The photo was taken about 6 months ago.., For more information about this feature, click this link Auto Awesome Photos

Something I Need Lyrics - One Republic

I had a dream the other night About how we only get one life Woke me up right after two Stayed awake and stared at you So I wouldn't lose my mind And I had the week that came from hell And yes I know that you can tell But you're like the net under the ledge But I go flying off the edge You go flying off as well And if you only die once I wanna die with You got something I need In this world full of people there's one killing me And if we only die once I wanna die with you (you, you, you) You got something I need In this world full of people there's one killing me And if we only die once I wanna die with you (you, you, you) Last night I think I drank too much Call it our temporary crutch With broken words I tried to say Honey don't you be afraid If we got nothing we got us (Yeah) And if you only die once I wanna die with You got something I need In this world full of people there's one killing me And if we only die once I wanna die wi