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The Reason is

In bandung when we ride public transportation and want to drop in one place we use kiri (left), why left and not stop, i was wondering what the reason is? Try to analyze this unimportant thing and finally get the conclusion... When driver listen to word "stop" he will spontaneously brakes and stop in the random place which is very dangerous i guess..., but on the opposite.. when he listen to word "left" he will slowly get on the side of the street to drop the passenger.. so i guess "left" is better than "stop" : D

Low Bat

I often running out of battery.., it never change until now, even with the big battery 2150 mAh battery..., The most person who got the impact is my hubby..., my 7 years boyfriend who try to contact me by calling my friends one by one..., i'm sorry hubby..., But now i've changed a little bit.., now i have a power bank and it's because of my baby girl..,i acctually doesn't really like it On one night i took my daughter to doctor.. i can't order a taxi by phone because my phone was just sleeppp (no more battery)... find a taxi in the street is really exhausted.., It's even longer than the examine time.., In the end, i can't refuse the powerbank because i also need it in the critical time.., Yap our baby is everything..,

School Girl

Some people often think of me as school girl Actually it's not because i have a baby face look but it's because my style that doesn't change, a.k.a i'm not really move on Still comfortable with t-shirt, jeans, sneackers, bag pack and natural makeup look The advantage is of course i look younger than my age... but there is also disadvantages like the annoying looks from some people in the mall when i got pregnant it seems they judge me as a school age who accidentally will have a baby, I love to go to salon and meet new people.., some of them often ask me about do the smoothing... but then they were surprised with my answer that i'm on breastfeeding phase..., Hubby even warn me to explain about my age when i make a statement that i have a baby to other people..., or they'll just think i was M.B.A and i think he is right..., the last person seems ask me a lot of question...,

Alphabeth Train

This toy train has a lot of feature: letter block, a book, number button and etc..., When she starts to play with the train.. She will drop the train to the new position... You can see the picture.. For aleena the most interesting item in the train is the wheel.., She loves to turn on the wheel..., And that's it, because after that she just leave it...  A lot of features seems nothing for her unless i join her to play...,

Picky Reader

If you know me.. You will know that I don't like reading I'm a picky reader..., I just read things that have a cute colorful font and some pictures... So don't ever ask me to get doctoral degree.. Or I could die slowly :p But hubby ever tell me that I love reading... All this time i was wondering but then I guess it's true.. I just fall in love with one website and the first post that i love is How To Be Creative Read it for few hours.. I feel like I want to read every single page of this website And the most amazing thing for me... is the post use a small font.. Now  i know that the reason it's not only about the visualization but also about the content.. I have a very limited interest, that's why I feel that reading was such a boring activity until i find what i really like..

Empower Yourself

If you want to  know about who are you meant to be You can try the test, here is the link  Empower Yourself I have done the test and here are my three strong striving style 1. Striving to Be Recognized You are an achiever:   Ambitious, competitive, and hardworking: That’s you. With a clear image of who you are, you work tirelessly to make sure your accomplishments are recognized. Your drive for success extends to your family, and you invest a lot of energy in helping them live up to your expectations. Thanks to your knack for diplomacy and abundant charisma, you often inspire others.   2. Striving to Be Knowledgeable You are an intellectual:   As a leader, you’re often ahead of your time. As an employee, you try to surpass the competence level of peers, even managers. Incisive and curious, you’re driven to deeply understand how things work. But that’s things, not people. Oh, your family and friends are important; it’s just that you don’t need to spend hours engagin

Oriental Look

Aleena has a round eyes but when she sleeps... She has a different look.. The oriental look, here is the picture..

Wedding Date

This picture is my parent's wedding invitation... Get surprise in the first time i see this invitation.. No wonder i love peach color so much.. They were married on 15 February 1981... It was the same month as my wedding (12 February) and also my sister wedding (25 February) We never plan to have a wedding in the same month.., My sister choose this month because my brother in law birthday is on February and myself it just because the availability of the venues..., We should really try to celebrate it together :D

Repeated Things

This days i'm getting angry easily.. it is not about my mood.. but about one thing that i can't stand to hold.. i really can't stand to a repeated things.. such as alarm sound.. or nowadays is aleena's murmur.. she can keep calling mamiii for a few times.. i even can't count how many words in a minute.. this morning she did it again.. and this is what i do to control the emotion.. mamiii.. apa.. mamiii.. apa.. mamii apa mamii.. apa.. mamii.. apa.. mamii.. apa.. mamii.. apa.. when she keeps calling me i try to answer 'apa' with the same facial expression.. after she stops, it's time to call her back.. (childish thing) as i predict she answer me with the same thing.. aleena... apa.. aleena.. apa...aleena... apa.. aleena.. apa... seeing her cute expression makes me forget about the anger and immediately stop the repetition :))

Complicated Life

So confused about how are we going to settle in one place.. Where will it be? still have no idea still feel not good about living in bandung or jakarta Now i feel so confused about what am i doing in waiting the right time.. there's not much freedom to stay in temporary place so complicated yet so simple, if  i don't think too much...

Hide and Seek

For aleena, hide and seek means no eye contact.. Whatever the condition as long as our eyes don`t meet... it still hide and seek.., She really loves this game.., Hubby is the one who teach a lot about this one..., Yesterday she makes a new progress.. She hides with all of her body.. Behind the sofa.., Well done baby..,

Little Surprise

On one morning in my bed.. Seeing aleena walking around in the room.. I randomly asked her.. Where is the bird? And suddenly she point to the wall sticker.. right in the little bird not in the cat since that one is aleena`s favorite... I feel really moved...hahaha... Because i actually forget about the time.. I wonder when did i teach her about the bird.., So long ago... i just tell her without expecting her to understand.., Thank you for the surprise..


I asked hubby what is creativity.. Is it some talent or gift or something that we can create.., And he said that creativity is about doing something out of the bound... I don`t have much creativity in what i`m doing.. And now i realize.. one of the reason because i lived in a strict family, so many rules... Be always limited by rules until i get married I don't blame my family.. They also bring something good in me... Just sometimes i feel lost with what i want to be exactly..., So hey aleena jusy do whatever you like... and be whatever you want...  it is your choice... just be something Big ^o^

The Magic Hand Fan

few days ago aleena got sick.. she couldn't sleep because the stuffy nose.. on one night she keep crying without opening her eyes.. at that time we were really confused.. there's no way to keep her calm down.. the only way is just to be patient on her.. i really grateful that hubby was next to me... i just worry about the next day when hubby in jakarta..., the next night.. as i predict aleena crying again.. and yap i were really panic since it just the two of us.., suddenly i saw a hand fan next to aleena.. that was my last hope.. since i failed many time in many ways to make her calm down try to fan her very slowly.. and yapppp magic, she back to sleep again easily.. it solving my problem for few time.., the hand fan is my best savior at that time..,


I asked aleena about this picture.. Who is this? And she said "Annnna"

Big Portion

When we come in to padang restaurant... The waitress suddenly point to my friend and said half portion and to me one and half portion..., Hahahaha very good image.... @-@ How could.., We seldom eat there I must be really impressive with the record...,

Cooking Lovers

When we really know how to cook some dish.. it makes a great benefit for us.., for myself it's because i can do some custom thing.., and that make us prefer to cook by ourselves than to eat in the restaurant... We love cooking.. actually i love to be hubby's assistant .. :p we love to experiment some dish every weekend we just succeed to cook bulgogi.. it's korean food..and really really delicious.. we ate in  big portion.. and very satisfied.., one of the big influence is running man..., This are some dish that we love to cook: spaghetti olio aglio, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken potato, broccoli cheese nugget, bulgogi, roasted chicken, steam chicken.., Can't wait to make some experiment again.. so happy to do the custom things..,

My Mistake

Few days ago aleena wreck my new map.. yap she step on it and finally make a big hole.., I realize that was my mistake to not keep it in the safe place.. then i tell to hubby about the map and he said that it couldn't be only because it was misplace.. but because i don't tell the function of the map.., if she knows, she wouldn't do that.. since she's on learning phase to identify some items..,

Like Father Like Daughter

When my father was doing some packing.. i was a little bit surprise with the arrangement.. because it is exactly the same like mine.. he group some item into small bag and that was what i do to my suitcase.. if we go together.. i might think that is my suitcase.. i always thought it's about imitation.. but it's not.., why doesn't he hand on his reading hobby to me.. :))

Smiley Face

When my niece, haadi come to bandung.. i ever wish to have a baby like haadi he always put his smile to everyone.. he is a friendly boy.. and now i think my wish come true.. aleena has the smiley face.. (5 months aleena) i have no idea if it come true from my prayer or our effort to make it real.. since we always try to put a smile while communicate with aleena..., one thing for sure is a child will imitate her parent.. so this is what we do... we always try to be a better person..


Two days ago i was assigned to read a reference for one proposal involved in making proposal.. sometimes makes me down.. proposal means i need to read a lot of papers... all about text.. small font size, small line spacing no picture no colour.. i still need to maintain my eyes.. i mean no glasses hahahha (sorry just an excuse to not reading) in the end i just try to make the colorful reference file.. :p but today... good news, i can get away again from the duty.. :) back to my last duty...,

Play Time

My job today is to find an idea to make a tutorial video.. it's about make a simple game or animation... To get a good idea, i surely need to browsing a lot search some mini game.. and suddenly forget about the duty because in the end i just try to play one by one.. ^o^ it's fun.. while playing, i try to understand the logic.. i'm going to make some for aleena.. hey little girl... what do you like??

Happy Birthday Mbah Uti

Mini Farm

This place is located in the rooftop PVJ mall the entry ticket is 50.000 IDR and only for kids.. there are some vegetable and a bottle of milk to feed the animal.. when i come in to the place.. i bring a bottle of milk for aleena.. thanks to dino who remind me about a bottle.. or i would just give the wrong bottle to the goat.., we're having fun here the girls love to feed the animal.. here is the cute aleena and adel with their appron.., This is the sheep.. already waiting us for food.. when i try to feeding the sheep.. i feel a little bit scared.. and i think that was my mistake to make aleena feel doubtful.. i should pretend to be brave.. after that i just let aleena with hubby..