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i feel dissapointed at the time he try to finish the phone, i acctually get ilfeel., i really don't want to talk to him but usually i stand him for a while it is not because i want him but because i want to make him do something unwanted like stand on the phone for a while

WGM reality show

I love wgm reality show and sometimes I want him to see and get some happiness from watching that reality show. It was happy to see his smile and also to listen his laugh for some scene.

hang out with dell

In the afternoon we were hang out with dell. I was happy to see his smiling face. He is cute and very comfortable. It is kindly different from the way other people (my friend) drive. Really nice., acctually I have my hobby to see around along the street but in the same time I also love to see my sweetheart., so it is kind of redundant to get two things together in the same time hehehe :p but thank u.. When we were in a car we listening to the radio. First I get some doubtful to turn on the radio coz I was worry he would lose his focus in drive but in fact he still focus so I think its ok to turn on the radio. I think the only one thing which disturb him is myself :p It was some playlist song from prambors radio when we were in a car.. deep is your love 2.beautifull 3.I love u 4.I remember 5.1234 by PlainWhite Ts

my sweetheart in my town

BAB IV In Saturday my sweetheart come to my town, it was very very happy. When we walk together, I feel good around people., usually I see many couple walk together and get jealous but in that day I really walk with my sweetheart. So happy…

golden ways

in the afternoon i watch mario golden ways. he is absolutely smart i wonder there really are people like him in the world cause he just really great. today i have learn many thing like speed, stress,effort and mistake. Speed when you have to make some good decision, what you need is speed. being faster in make decision is much better than being slow down. the reason is in quick decision we may find some mistake but we don't need to be scared about that coz make some mistake is ok. Moreover some mistake that we have will bring us to a good decision. Stress some people may think stress as negative think, but we try to see that in different way. coz do you know that people will get more creative when he/she being in stress way. so don't worry and be happy. Effort it is important for us to have best effort in every work that we have coz behind finally Alloh will open your way to get the final success for your doing. Mistake sometimes people think punishment for mistake, but it

i love him

one more thing, my sweetheart remember about our 58 months since we were belong together in 8 March 2004. i love him., in the night before sleep i realize about how meaningful his voice to be heard even just to say " apa sayang "., i keep calling his name to get that answer and he always answer me patiently even i know that he was very tired. Thank you honey., luv u

hang out with my friends

Yesterday, I'm really happy coz i can meet my friends and get hang out with her. It is like a bright sky from the cloudy one before :) She came to my house and we were chat for many thing about our life. Its really nice coz before i met her i have some negative think about people around but now I've been change to see something in a positive way.

an empty life

2009 is a year when i terribly have a big change in my live. First change already come in the early jan when i've been left by my sweetheart. it is not really left by my sweetheart but it's about his time. he is now very busy and the communication is not just same anymore. sometimes i feel he is selfish for not considering my situation but it is also make me getting selfish for thinking like that, isnt it? i feel just empty very empty. i feel alone not only because of him but also because of my friends my sister. many things happen in past year and the situation getting worse this year. i hope someday i can go into new environment where i can have some people to rely on and also a better life a happy life. i really really hope that will come true.