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Easy Baked Fish Fillet

hubby bought me a dory fish from a supermarket and he asked me to cook it so then i was try to found the recipe on youtube.. and got this video... i'm so excited to get this video because it's really really easy to cook and also very very very delicious.... hubby said he can eat it all in one time...sooo happy again :)

Easy Teriyaki Chicken

I made this food once for hubby but then he made it few times for me with his own style..., he's really good and better actually...., i'm so happy because i can make something delicious for him, when he try this chicken he said that he loves the taste and actually wants to find a recipe..

A Letter to You

Dear hubby.... Sleep well and have a nice dream... Hope you get a lot of spirit to through your first day work tomorrow.... Thank you very much for your teamwork to take care of aleena... You are a proud hubby and papap for us We are very happy spend the time with you.., Thank you for everything Good night My Another Letter

Night time

Dear Allah SWT Thank you for creating this night time A time to take a rest... i love this moment Not only for sleeping time Night time for me is a time for clear my mind, listening the music,  watching the movie and also my time to talk to you..., Alhamdulillah

Things I Hate

I hate messy messy room... I hate spilled food... I hate dirty tissue.... I hate wet... I hate ants... Now i try to learn to tolerate it because i have a child.... Usually hubby will say be patient and i finally can control myself... It's not just a meaningless word but it is trully because he knows exactly about what i feel... so thank you very much honey..,

So Complex

Dear my blog Long time no see, do you miss me... Anyway.. Having a child is complex... She can't stay in one place... keep moving around She doesn't eat well... i need a thousand way to make her eat... She does many mess thing... She can't just obey us.. Now i'm not in a good mood... So don't misunderstanding about my post... Having a child is not horrible... It is a wonderful gift but sometimes it depends on our parenting way.... Yap the parenting way... It will influence everything... I just found out this thing... comparing some other children with different parenting way... And the best one is of course the one with their own parent..., I mean it will be better if the child spending most of her time with her parent.., To be honest, i'm half ready for this..., i still love to play to work and produce something., About my complain in the above..  It's acctually not about the child... She just learn to explore n