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New Thing

Trying out a new thing could be really enjoyable.. avocado dicaprio, one of the J.Co Donuts variant.. I choose that taste instead of tiramisu when one of my friends bring a lot of donuts. Actually, i just pick randomly, one unusual donut that i think i'll never choose ever in my life. Since it's free, so i think thats ok to have a wrong choice for once. But then, the taste is really really amazing.., No regrets at all.. now i still imagine the taste and feeling helpless because J.Co is kind of hard to reach in Jakarta. Because that experience, now i always try to do something out of my habit..let's get out from the comfort zone.. :D

My weekday Activities

04:22 my hubby's alarm starts ringing and will keep sounding until he realized the alarm is really annoying., 04:30 I wakes up earlier coz I took the bath time longer than hubby., 05:10 I finish take a bath then try to wake my hubby and usually he just give a sign to sleep longer for 2-5 minutes., 05:15-05:35 hubby's turn to get ready Arround 05:40 start moving, first destination is smu 81 @jatiwaringin 06:00 arrive at the school, and while waiting mom fulfill her absent, I used to walk for a hundred meters to buy some breakfast (nasi kuning, risoles, lontong,pastel,kue lumpur) 06:15 start the quite a long journey to our office for arround 45 minutes to an hour. We spend our time with the breakfast and listening roti (ronal tike) @101 jak fm., really entertaining and make our day brighter in the middle of jakarta's traffic., for all of you wherever you are just try to listen jak fm at 6am to 10 am., its fun :D Arround 07:10-07:20 finally in my office @slipi, but sti

What My Name Means

There are 12 letters in your name. Those 12 letters total to 57 There are 6 vowels and 6 consonants in your name. Your number is: 3 The characteristics of #3 are: Expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living. The expression or destiny for #3: An Expression of 3 produces a quest for destiny with words along a variety of lines that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting or teaching; our entertainers, writers, litigators, teachers, salesmen, and composers. You also have the destiny to sell yourself or sell just about any product that comes along. You are imaginative in your presentation, and you may have creative talents in the arts, although these are more likely to be latent. You are an optimistic person that seems ever enthusiastic about life and living. You are friendly, loving and social, and people like you because you are charming and such a good conversationalist. Your ability to communicate may often inspire others. It is your

Happy Things

Thinking Outside The Box

i just realize that thinking outside the box is really really noteworthy...Actually i found this picture in i never know that thinking inside the box would be so limited and so spacious on otherwise.

Inspirational Quotes

Hubby, the best person in the world

September 2011, i've been married for 7 months.. acctually i never count it and i almost forget about the duration, since we have a long journey before the day we married. If somebody ask me about how long i've been married, i'll do the same thing like.. what month this day oo September (9), February (2) then i've been married for 7 months... It seems that duration not really important again for me.. what i care is i love him and i love and and i love and i really really love him.. everyday it comes bigger and bigger, i love my hubby.. Being in his side is the most comfortable zone that ever exists.. Nothing to hide nothing to stand i can be anything, do anything.. whatever i love.. anything possible.. He is a kind of family man... he do a lot of things in everyday.. like drive in for 3-4 hours per day... feel a bit helpless bcause i still don't have a good driving skill.. ,feel a little bit scared everytime i need to drive... hubby is the best m

really miss my hometown..

12 o'clock, it's time to eat, i should feel happy but i'm not.. i feel boring with the food arround jakarta, especially right now in my office. I don't say the food is not delicious.. It is but it doesn't make me wanting that again and again and again.. So i really feel confuse and actually i don't want to eat if i don't think about my body and my baby.., I wonder how can i stand to eat the same food for a few days even for everyday in my campus or in my last office in bandung, but i never feel boring.. Something's wrong, is it me or the food.., really have no idea but i feel happy when i eat some food that i used to eat in bandung like hokben, steak n shake or yellow rice., Maybe i just really miss Bandung.. Maybe i just eat to feel the sweet memory that i have in bandung..

My Playlist

There are 14 songs in my playlist today.., The playlist is really fresh since i just listen to them again today. The songs are: 1. Lucky days ost, i record this song by myself because i can't find this song in the internet. 2. That Is, Park Bo Young, Speed Scandal OST 3. Secret, One Republic, Sorcerer's Apprentice OST 4. Banmal Song, Jung Yong Hwa and Yong Seo,WGM OST 5. You Got Me, Colbie Caillat, Letter To Juliet OST 6. Black Sheep. Brie Larson, Scott Pilgrim OST 7. Marry U, Suju 8. Won't Go Home without You, Maroon 5 9. Marching On, One Republic 10.Good Life, One Republic 11.Apologize, One Republic 12.Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble 13.I Luv You, The Ordinary Boys 14.LoveLight, CN Blue

No Make UP

hello everybody, i just remember i have this video from youtube about how to use make up naturally.. It's really simple and look natural, you might like this.., The way she explain is really good and i love her videos. If you'd like to find her videos, use keyword bubzbeauty., Enjoy it..

Hello, my name is ZIA..

I am the fetus that grows safely inside my mommy's womb, my mommy is a wonderful and beautiful woman named Asri Asrianti, you might know her as achi, i almost can not count how many times my daddy greet me, sometimes he kisses me (trough my mommy's tummy) sometimes he talks to me, sometimes he also hug me and mommy... I was 4 weeks old when my parents found out about me, they both really exited and also nervous, especially I will be the first child to them. I am also exited to be born in this world, i know i will become pride and jewel to my parents.. There is a little bit changing in my daddy's life after he found out about me, my daddy now is more careful and noisy about everything my mommy do. he also drive mommy to work and he ride transjakarta to his office, he did that so he can maintain healthiness to prepare for the time i born hopefully on february 2012. Hmmm... sometimes I was wondering why my parents give me the name ZIA, the story happened the night when m

My new day

Today is monday and saturday is stil stil very long time... Since I know that I am pregnant for 4 weeks, I feel time is moving so slow Really cant wait for the day... Is it twin Is it girl or boy or both of them I really want to know the progress in every month., then now im counting a lot day by day week by week My condition right now really hungry, want to eat a lot but I cant, I feel terible when I throw up and I hate it. The doctor suggest me to eat often than to eat a lot.. Out from my habit so it kind a difficult for me.. but I feel happy really happy because I have the best husband in the world He loves me and my babies a lot He protect us a lot sometimes its over too He hug me a lot He even cook a delicious food for me For all of that Thank You 남변 for everything Hopefully my babies will be the cutest babies in the world :D

Lesson for Today

Begin with friend of mine ask about read her blog (intan) long long time since i read it for the last time., so many things have passed read it page by page feel so close to her, it seems she sit right next to me then i feel, i'm not alone.. thank you after that try to read my other friend's blog (ukie n fita) i really enjoy it the same feeling come again my friends are here with me conclusion i really miss u all.. jealousy.. something that happen in the first time when i read their blog but then i realize everybody have their own pleasure.. and also everybody have their own problem.. because of that i'm grateful for what i have till now and i'll change my mind about my problem.. i mean everybody have problem and i'm not alone just in different case that appropriate to our ability just KEEP FIGHTING everyone Thanks to Intan, i'm going to write my story... Just keep update girls, i really happy to read it..

Lucky Days

Lucky days is my new favourite serial movie.. The story take a male point of view as a husband, son, and workmate. It is about a male who try to change his past life. The movie is very very good, you can take many lesson from this movie.. In the first you may think it's just magic or something but it's not, it's so real and i really really love it..,