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bad side of me

Dear nampyeon, i'm sorry for what i did to you last night... i really love you and deep inside of me i really don't want to hurt you even just a little.. but acctually i've done a lot of mistake and thanks to you for being angry to me and open my mind about my bad behaviour. sometimes i feel that i'm the most positive person. i feel that i can change everything that come negative to positive.. acctually i'm right except for the things that related to you. i'm sorry about that. sometimes i feel scared to lose you. talking about my bad behaviour such as selfish and arrogant maybe you were right. Selfish that i always want you to understand me in every situation even in case that i do a mistake and arrogant that i always think right and feel don't need to apologize to you. I admit that is really me,i'm not realize about that until you angry to me last night. I'm sorry if my apologetic comes late to you.. sometimes i feel hard to say sorry.. sometime