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Small Talk

When hubby watch his football team play on tv, i always try to disturb him with silly questions.. He's really cute because he always answer every question, so multitasking... good job Since his priority focus on tv so i try to talk about my day when i taking care our aleena i said to him i think i was hard to aleena... sometimes i complain it a lot and also yelling at her... The point is i showed her a bad side of me very often, few things that never happened when i was working,, i told him one case and suddenly he came up with a suggestion how to solve the problem, and yap i was so surprised.. I always thought this is my job, and hubby has his office job. We can't help each other because we don't really understand about the job, but i was wrong he is quite better than me and i feel helpless because i can't help him too.... you work so hard,, very hard...  thank you very much.. if there something i can do for you....

Now What

A phrase that always comes everyday.. Or in other word "i'm bored and maybe we're bored" Everyday i wonder if i can get some fresh activity for me and aleena... but stil i can't... Being sahm means i'm a time and place  controller....  it also means we can do anything but in the reality we do nothing... Anyway, at least  i always to figure out new things every night.. I hope later maybe starting tomorrow i can write our activity.... a different one...something that out of the box... amiin Ok..... done for today... it's 2:31 AM.... Let's sleep again,  hubby.....