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Happy Things

Thinking Outside The Box

i just realize that thinking outside the box is really really noteworthy...Actually i found this picture in i never know that thinking inside the box would be so limited and so spacious on otherwise.

Inspirational Quotes

Hubby, the best person in the world

September 2011, i've been married for 7 months.. acctually i never count it and i almost forget about the duration, since we have a long journey before the day we married. If somebody ask me about how long i've been married, i'll do the same thing like.. what month this day oo September (9), February (2) then i've been married for 7 months... It seems that duration not really important again for me.. what i care is i love him and i love and and i love and i really really love him.. everyday it comes bigger and bigger, i love my hubby.. Being in his side is the most comfortable zone that ever exists.. Nothing to hide nothing to stand i can be anything, do anything.. whatever i love.. anything possible.. He is a kind of family man... he do a lot of things in everyday.. like drive in for 3-4 hours per day... feel a bit helpless bcause i still don't have a good driving skill.. ,feel a little bit scared everytime i need to drive... hubby is the best m