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Perfect Moment

For almost 3 months i already doing a part time job.., This is a perfect moment for me when i can fully enjoy my life..., I can take care my baby in the morning till 9 o'clock... I can gather with my friend in the office working on something and doing some fun stuff.... I can have my own time to just window shopping or taking care myself like go to the salon... I can back home at 4 o'clock to take care again my baby till her sleeping time.., But of course nothing is perfect... Because i can only meet hubby on weekend... i feel guilty to not taking care hubby in other day..., i'm sorry.., Anyway i still gratefull for the situation..., because i can still take care of him once in a week... so i still think that all this time is perfect.., One day our family will gather in one roof.... and i'm surely not scared in losing this moment.... because i will create another perfect moment with both of them in my days..., Love u both...,

The Art of Teaching

Today i switch my duty with my teammate.... I should be the one who come to a meeting.., But then i asked to replace my teammate's duty for teaching.., It's been long time since the last time i teach someone..., and it's cool... For me, teaching means open people's mind... make them understand something in a very simple way..., It's not really easy to create a simple way... but i think that is the art of teaching..., you should think smarter because it's not for your own self but for other people.., The extraordinary feel comes when we succeed in make them understand,..., Thanks for the experience today.., I think i remember why i want to be a teacher.,

Our favourite

This is our favorite knitwear, a gift from her grandma....,  thank you nenek..., Still too big for her actually, i should wait for another few months....

Her hobby

This is her favorite activity... Play with the fish...  and i guess they are also love her.... They come to get closer  when aleena appear in front of them  or when she put her hands on water..., Actually the real thing is they wait aleena for food :p

Morning light

i'm on the way to jakarta..., and now i'm enjoying the moment.... The moment when i close my eyes and can still  feel the morning light through my eyes.. The moment when i can feel the warmth of this morning light around my body... I don't care about the dark skin.. just keep the window open because i love this moment very much....

Dynamic Person

Talking about doing our work.. hubby and i have a different kind of interest... hubby loves to get focus on his work.. like try to get a deeper understanding... While myself, i love a lot of variation on what i'm doing.. We have a different kind of challenge... I love new place, new task, new project, new tool, new environment, new rules.... acctualy they are scary things for me.. But that is the challenge... I feel happy when i can successfuly adapt on that new situation.., :)

Free Time

Every night i have my free time for 4-5 hours.. I'm really grateful about this because our aleena is sleep earlier like 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm.. Thank you for the time honey.... There are so many things i can do at this free time like watching movie, drawing some silly picture, browsing some new things, listening to the same playlist, and writing my experience... It seems that i love new things but at the same time i stay with the same thing like my playlist..., A little bit confusing, isn't it?

Aleena's Perspective

When we give a toy to children... There must be a lot of variation in the way they play it..., There could be a lot of perspective in seeing the toy.... So this is what happened to aleena.. I give her a toy, one green car And suddenly the toy was separated into some pieces... You can see it in the picture... It could be more pieces if she played it longer..., It seems that she concern about the detail... the component... Then hubby let's figure it out where we should guide her..., See other Aleena's perspective  here  

Being Myself

Just watching the vow and suddenly remembered about hubby... He is the only person who allow me to do anything in my own way...  or do some mess thing It's like he is giving me a blank paper... And i can write or draw or fold or cut it into anything.... It's up to me..  about the consequence, he never worry about it  because i can handle myself :D Dear hubby,  Thank you very much for the support... I really appreciate it and of course i love it so much too.. Thank you...

Losing The Faith

Have you ever losing your faith? I just did... and it was the worst time i ever had.., A week ago i was sick... There's a very big thrush at the back of my throat and also infection in my throat..., It makes me feel the pain every time i swallow.. The pain is not only in the throat but also in my ear and my nose.., For more than a week i can't enjoy the meal..., I just can eat a little portion because it feels really really hurt when i try to open my mouth.. I didn't even use the spoon... I was angry to this condition because i also feel really really hungry..., I go to the doctor for twice... usually i get better in one time examine.., this is what i called losing the faith..,, I know now why sick people complaining a lot..., When i was sick i feel my condition is really terrible,,, it feels like i was the most suffering person at that time.., It's also difficult to be optimist and not complaining... The condition then were getting wors

Aleena's Sleep Suit

This one is my favorite... I bought the clothes when aleena was 6 months old, because i love the color The size actually is for 18 months old,  so i just keep it and forget about it for almost a year, When i realize the suit has already too small for aleena... look at her leg... it seems difficult for her to straighten her legs..., But then it's not really a big problem  because my friends suggest me to make a hole in the suit,  and i think it's a good idea :D

Overcome The Problem

These days my parent aren't here and also hubby lives in other town..., So i can only count a taxi for the transportation, especially for aleena's needs.., Yesterday i took aleena to the doctor.. and it was really really difficult to get a taxi.. One of the reason because the weather was not good..  big rain and of course eventually everybody need a taxi.., Try to order taxi for going home but i don't think it's a good idea so then i just try to find it in the street.., And finnaly i was standing on the dark side of the street finding taxi which never come for more than half an hour.., i was complaining a lot... But then i realize i just do the same thing and hope the miracle will come which is useless too. So i try to move to other location and you know what less than 3 minute i got the taxi..., I guess then when we are omplaining something, just try to make sure that we are not stay on the same thing..