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Dream Date

Yesterday we were hang out on PVJ and walking through some ice cream store i was thinking about how we never even once buy an ice cream The reason is because i have a tonsil i can't eat some cold food or drink Seeing that ice cream store make me wish to have a date with hubby. I wish i can eat those ice cream when we go to the mall or eat one big pack ice cream when we watch the movies without getting sick after that.,

20 Months Aleena

It was on 22nd september 2013... Having a decade reunion on our college....,

a Gift from Hubby

I just told you about having my wish list on pinterest..., And you know what, i just have one of my wish come true..., The most special is because hubby is the one who made it...., because he has my account..., This is the post and the bracelet from my hubby..., I really love the color and actually i was just bought the same color of shoelace... I was planned to make it tonight before hubby give this picture to me...,

Favorite Dress

This is my first time i found a thing in pinterest that i already have.... usually i make my wish list here... I love to see baby dress on pinterest and suddenly i found aleena's dress in one post..., This is the picture

Brighter than sunshine

Love her eyes Love her smile Thanks to her aunty who already took this beautiful picture...,

a very basic reason

When we pass some government office... Teh fit asked about the reason why i don't want to work there.. and i said because i don't want to wear a uniform... i love freedom..., and for me it's including about how i wear a clothes hihi That's it...

19 Months Aleena's Record

in her age now, she already step on some stage of learning... we seldom buy a toy for aleena.. we just let aleena exploring her environment.. and yap she's really good in exploring.. she defines her own toy... we never took her to play slides but she can defines it by herself she use the back of my bed.. the other is about my things like a power bank she knows that power bank needs a cable... the most impressive thing is when she try to plug the hair dryer to the socket it's actually dangerous thing for kids, and i don't really like it too when she keep come to play with the socket.. i'm just happy that she can connect some stuff  in order to make them work well..,

Mess book by keri smith

This one is my first book from keri smith...., First time i saw the cover, i already fall in love with this book.. But before buying this book, i need to know about the content, so i search the review and also watching some video from YouTube to know exactly about the content..,, The content of this book is just an empty page with one instruction to start doing things outside the box..., It's really fun... I really can't wait for the experiment and maybe in a few years i will do the experiment with my daughter,,,

Between brother n sister

When in video conference with haadi... He pointing aleena as his brother... "It's my brother" haadi said... No it's your sister we said... And haadi still stay with his statement... We don't stop debate until we found the real reason.., My sister explain him that brother is for a boy, and sister is for a girl.., And finally the reason was discored.. Haadi said nooo brother is for a girl..., Cute haadi... 4 years old little boy who stil misunderstanding about some term

Fastest record

A while ago i took aleena to the doctor.. Since my father were stay in jakarta, so i use taxi with my mommy... I guess it's the fastest record i ever had... Only half an hour until i get back again to my house... usually i need two hours..., So i guess i need to write down the important list from this great record...., First is we come an hour before the doctor close the examine time.... The queque is become shorter than the other time..., Second is i already call the taxi before i buy the medicine... so i got the taxi when i finish buying the medicine.., no more wasting time.., Third is thank god it was good weather..., the weather is really influence the possibility to get the taxi...,

Colorful things

Today hubby was asked me to send him the charger.. he wants me to send it through cipaganti travel..., I use a gift paper to wrap the package because i don't like the usual thing, ilove the colorful one. i really love this idea.. Because it was the only one colorful package beside the white/brown package.., At least i make a new view for the staff :p