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Little Tiny Hands

Finally i got this little tiny hands picture... Aleena's hands..., She is the one who asked me to draw it But of course after i draw mine first...., To make things easier, sometimes i need to make her curious first.., Here is the picture

Birthday Gift

Hubby asked me about what i want for birthday gift...,,, and i said i want a book..., any book that can make me creative...., We have a different taste...,  so it is much much better if we asked each other about a gift.... And here's what he got for me...., artful spaces and a notebook...., There are a lot if diy wall art and i will try to make this on maybe 3 doors in our future house..., Can't  wait to make over our doors.....,  i'm so grateful that hubby allow me to do this... i also asked for one wall in our house for experiment... :o It's gonna be fun..., i think i'm so late about my big interest on art....,,, Anyway thank you hubby for the book and also the notebook....,  i love the blank paper :p and the possibility to refill the notebook by myself...,     

Aleena's Progress

On previous article,   Wall Sticker , i said that i want to make a physical evidence to record aleena's development.... Now i will show you her progress in few months..., here is the picture We also record haadi in his first arrival in bandung on august 2013...,

Masha and The Bear

This is aleena's favorite and also mine.., Aleena only loves movie with a child as the main character..., for this time she watch tv when there is a children on it...., Maybe she feels have a connection with them, i have no idea too..., i'm grateful that she watch a little. She should watch a little or not at all..., This time maybe it's a little difficult to control the tv because there a lot of people at home...., but later i'll control it.. Let's just exploring many things, do painting, crafting and many many other things ok..., anyway if you haven't seen it, here is the movie... it's really cute and i love the bear..,the poor bear actually :p

Drawing Lesson

Sometimes when you want to teach your child, you don't need to prepare anything...  because she will just follow you... in this picture, aleena was sitting next to my sister, who was preparing materials for teaching..., She is the one who asked for paper and pen to learn by herself and make a scratch...., Do you see how she's holding the pen..., i thought she was following my sister's way... but it's not, it's  different... because it's mine...,  I never taught her.... maybe i did but i never realize it..., now do you see the scratch? This is aleena's scratch..., i teach her how to make a round object..., I love using memo application and one time i realize that aleena was watching me so then i try to make a scratch while singing it "round and round and round" Here is the result, every time she find a paper and pen she will also sing and make this round scratch :D

Laundry Routine

First of all i want to say that i hate laundry.. For all this time my maid is the one who always clean the laundry.. When i do this laundry by myself, actually with hubby's favor, i still feel it's really hard and the hardest part is about this never ending story., Since i'm going to be stay at home mom, i don't want to spend each day with the same routine so i should really think about a strategy..., i read a lot and here is what i get and i will implement it too in the future.,,, First is i'm going to do laundry in 2 days per week.,and second i will load the laundry in the night, set the time that i want... (dear hubby, first priority buy washing machine with a programmable timer) and third is start the morning with put the load in the dryer..., will this work for me? i have no idea but since i'm a lazy person i will try the most efficient way :)) anyway if you want to know about how others make their strategy in manage this task you can see in

Stay at Home Mom

To be honest, if i can choose i want to be a working mom. I currently a working mom and for all this time I work for my own happiness.., sometimes the only thing that make me stop to work are my friends...., they asked me to take a rest for a while..., so you can see how important this thing in my life.. About mother's role, stay at home mom or working mom... my hubby is actually fine with either... he just wants me to be happy... i'm free to choose anything but i don't think i can be either too..., I can't work... because i'm gonna live in other town and i don't have a guts to let aleena be guarded with other people beside my family..., I also can't stay at home because I used to live in two different place to play work and socialize... My plan? right now I have no plan..., things that come in my mind are about meet new people, play around and having fun in different way...., maybe i can find a club, community, baby gym or place that provide &q

French Fry Phone

I love unique things that's why i bought this phone..., if you come to my house, you will found a lot of colorful and unusual things...,  At the beginning i asked hubby whether i can buy hello kitty phone...., but hubby said it's too girly...  he suggest me to buy tweety phone which is very difficult to find... . Since i also think about hubby, so i try to find the a phone that are suitable for either gender  and finally got this phone.., Here it is...,

Her Favorite Color

You may know the color when you see the picture.... yap blue is her favorite color.... It seems that haadi give her big influence about this color...., Aleena will be happier if we give her blue cloth moreover when it combine with blue pants..... When i give other color, she refuse it so i need to think the other way to make her wear it. Usually i don't talk about the color but more about the picture on the cloth....,

First Haircut Experience

On sunday afternoon.. we have a plan to go to barbershop along with our niece haadi. we then go with aleena and haadi's mommy., when we arrived haadi got the first turn to cut the hair... he was really obedient from the beginning and during the haircut.. Aleena seems excited and pay close attention to haadi..., She said to me she also wants to have a haircut..., at first i was hesitant but when i see aleena could calm sit in the chair, i let the stylist to cut her hair..., "please just trim a little...".., This is her first haircut experience, but in Barbershop not in Saloon heuuu... But since the result is good, it's okay then... Thanks to haadi and the stylist who can make this magic happened to 22 months old baby