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Little Snowflake

get to know this from hubby's friends.. it's my favourite love the part when the snow girl hold the snow boy's hand.. looking at her eyes is really cute.. really romantic :D for other video just visit this one Super Simple Song

Aleena's first Photo Studio

One of activity on closing this year.. is to have aleena's photo studio feeling a little bit nervous.. because aleena is feeling scary to new person but since i choose tif or see here stela ricaldi (the place where we took a prewedding photos) and know about the photographer who really really skilfull, patient and friendly... the feeling then gone.. and just as my prediction... the situation was going smooth even the photographer is a different person  it's because the people are really nice and patient they give a lot of space for aleena and give her a lot of time to play no crying at all just in the end when she feels sleepy,, she change 4 costume.. and the photo takes 2 hours.. we didn't even realize it.. here is the candid photo by hubby and the layout by me.. acctually i'm using application called image chef :p

Lucky Me Again

since there are a lot of time saving.. i choose to take care my hair (creambath) i didn't realize that it takes time a lot too a little bit surprise when i see the clock it's already 7 pm.. ireally wish the process to be faster,,, no complaining just a deep wish i guess.., then again the unexpected come suddenly two person have in charge to dry my hair.. one of them even say.. "is it okay..,just to make it quickly.." okay then suddenly feel like a model who in hurry to go on stage :p 

Lucky Me

When i already accept the worse situation  that may come in friday..  (the holiday season traffic) suddenly the unexpected thing happened to me here is the story  i was ride public transportation.. and at that time i was alone...  the driver also seems doesn't have the spirit till he find a group of women in dago he then ask their destination.. and do you know what.. they want to go to btc and that was also my destiny... There are so many place in Bandung but but they want to BTC so lucky me.... Just hearing BTC i already feel happyy... Then the driver bargaining price he offer the service like taksi.. he try to offer 50 thousands rupiah but they only want 30 thousands rupiah.. the driver seems doesn't want to miss it so he say ok 40 thousands.. but they still don't want it and they just raise it for 35 thousands rupiah..  finnally the driver give up on 35 thousands rupiah. he then apologize to me and ask me if i could ride on other angkot.

Rabbit Socks

It's a mistake by dressing aleena, the rabbit socks before she slept.. when her eyes almost close, she seems look at the rabbit shadow.. and suddenly get the new spirit to play.. That means i need to wait  for a moment to get a sleep... Regret it then,,, here is the photo before she take the rabbit socks off  and use it to tease me..

Weezer - Island In The Sun

since we know aleena love music, my hubby gave this video to aleena... to introduce the animals.., the animals here are really really really really cute... enjoy it

Custom Headband Made in Hubby

when i left hubby with aleena suddenly his creativity come out looking at green ribbon on the drawer he make the headband for aleena the custom size headband.. so aleena doesn't feel disturb with it.., here is the picture... for a moment she doesn't realize it :p

What Makes Me Lucky

yesterday rainfall are really big and the thunder is really really scary.. but  fortunately at that time i was in my bedroom under the blanket with hubby and little allena Thinking about the coldness in outside or other person who were traveling or any bad situation Makes me feel really really lucky for being in the most comfortable place and surrounded by people that i love Alhamdulillah


easy going is one of my character but when it come to women period there's always one time that i can't control my emotion is it cry or angry sometimes after that i always wonder why am i cry or angry that's no big thing and moreover it's a little thing yappp that PMS fortunately my hubby can read me and become more patient.. when i change into annoying person

How Many Children

My dream plan is to have 9 children.....,,, And of course my hubby always ask "the reality please" Then maybe 4  Btw actually deep inside of me... Always think about What if i have other child beside Aleena Can I and hubby still love Aleena in the same way How to make it fair..,,, How to make Aleena doesn't feel our concern change Something like that...,,,,, In one time I ever think to just have her..,,,, Since I love her too much..., And yesterday I just know that  my hubby also think the same way....,,,,, Anyway apart from our mind about that We still have a plan for Aleena's sister or brother Cause we don't want her to feel the loneliness...,

The Exam

Today is the real exam and it succeed.. my online test was running smoothly and no error alhamdulillah a little bit nervous... But then i realize now.. Everyone can feel the nervous when facing the exam Not only the participant But also the inspector or even the exam makers I've been on those position.., and feel the same thing :D So what I do to make myself comfortable is to think that everyone also feel the same way..,

Going on 11 months

In this time aleena is really really talkative When she cry, it heard more like she singing 'adadadadalalalalalalaa' something like that A little bit funny acctualy..., She can stand for a few seconds without holding anything And for me the special thing is not only about her progress.. But her looks that change into smiley face when she succeed to stand up by herself The looks that telling me "hey mommy I can do it" And sometimes the smile become wider when I start counting.. What I see is aleena feels the challenge., It's really cute and on this time, two of her teeth already appear on the same side.., it's upper - central incistor and lower - central incistor.., i see it in the teeth map on android application called baby growth

The Better Job is

one day my friend says about it's better editing than uploading the other then answering with another idea it's better coding then i just think that every job must have its own level of difficult so i answer it with i choose any job that smooth.. yap editing with a lot of part video, uploading with a slow connection or coding with an invisible bug must be difficult so just hoping to always given an easiness when you do your job because i think no job is better than other job

Our Hobby

i love playing games and so does my hubby.. but when we separated, we never play game hubby spend time a lot in reading while myself spending a lot in browsing i ever try to play a game but don't feel the excitement in other word we love competition... it's more fun when we're together even the device only one there's a goal to reach is it time (on racing game) or break the high score the competition make us put more effort in games so it is best to have a competitor

Aleena's teeth

When aleena's teeth haven't come out  i feel a little bit worry cause other child in her age already have it i don't want to waste my energy worried about this so i close my eyes and ear about other child's growth and just think that every child is different and have their own timetable to make more comfortable, i ask the doctor.. when a baby should have their teeth at least one? and he said in 15months.. Aleena's age at that time is 10 months so i think there's another 5 months to stimulate her teeth grow nothing to worry then... and now almost reach 11 months finally 2 of her teeth almost appear btw this is the information about baby's teeth grow An average baby will have six teeth by his or her first birthday but it's normal to have more or none at all. The rate of teeth eruption is not connected to how well he is being fed or nurtured - it's entirely dependent on genetic circumstances. If you and your partner developed


What am i listening to?? It is the tagline for this android application Love this application very much.. when we are listening to the radio or watching the tv or when we  are on cinema and hear a good soundtrack in the end of movie just turn on this trackID and record for a seconds the singer and the title song will come up to you it's really helpful.. and very happy to update the playlist with the new song

Unpleasant Journey

Saturday night in the way back home to bandung.. we were traveling in bad weather big rain.. and sometimes the view were covered with fog it makes me feel really really nervous and even more for my hubby it wasn't the trip that we expected i can't clearly see the street... and that was a bad situation for my hubby to be focus on driving with the limited view of the street the only way i can do is only pray so that we were home safely..., i need to be calm down because i don't want to ruin hubby's concentration so this is what i do to covering the fear i'm looking up to the sky watching the rain fall to the window.. with the exposure from the street light it's beautifull.,,, really really thank god i still can look the beauty in that situation and of course we were then home safely and finnaly meet our little aleena..,

Jamie Grace, With You (Lyric Video)

If you often watch the cable tv, you may have listen to this song.. My hubby is the one who tell me about this song.., enjoy the video.. it's really good..,

Container Ooo Container

Last year i was worked at a cargo transportation and logistics company.. and take care in one project called ETOS (Electronic Terminal Operation System). Any process that include loading and unloading service for the container is belong to my responsible.. anyway i won't talk about my last job, but i want to say that this job will everlasting on my mind i guess..., i often travel to jakarta and always passing the toll road where many truck bring container through this way looking out from the window is one of my trip habit so every 3 to 5 minute i can see the truck passing me and of course the container with all detail that written in its container the detail has been my concern in last year this is the picture, you can see the detail in the back and the side i never not remember about this job and of course my friends that's why i told it the everlasting job memory

Hwanhee hwayobi

This is  the video when hwanhee try to seduce hwayobi... But that's only a joke since it's not his style And hwayobi..  Still cheerful like she always do  Sorry no subtitle maybe later i'm going to update it

The Benefit of Labeling

Labeling have a lot of benefit for the readers but what I want to talk about is the benefit for ourselves as the writer.. When I start to write a blog I have no idea what to write.. And just like following others.. There is not the excitement Until 4 months ago I read again my blog and found some memory  it's really fun and a little bit regret it Why the posts are only a little Then I decide to write Day by day I write and start to enjoy it Write about everything Since I don't really know what category my blog belongs to  ┼čo I write everything that come on my mind., One day my hubby ask me to start the labelling and i try to follow the instruction in every post..., Now I can see which label that belongs to my favorite This labeling help me a lot in recognizing who I am.. I want to make an extraordinary blog So the first thing to do is  to know who I am and what I love The labeling help me a lot.. So this is my beginning journey and  hopefully can make the be

Baby Headband

beginning with my curiosity how aleena looks when wear a heaband so i draw the headband in her photos     looks good on her... : D so now i wish i can make her some headband some simple tiny cute headband.. then i search in and get some example tutorial i should make this 10 months ago.. when she was a newborn baby a little difficult to have a time now because aleena is very active to see the tutorial directly just click on  the picture

The Dream Goal

finally finally i can find you finally i know what i want to reach finally i know what i want a long journey to make it true of course since i just found you yesterday it feels good to have a goal really love to meet you finally after the long searching it is true that when you have no idea about what your dream is just try to do anything you can and it will escort you to your dream i've read it in somewhere.. i wish i could remember.. my memory is really bad that's why i need to always make a memories Anyway let's catch the dream

a Beautifull Mess

This is my favorite blog you can get tons of inspriration here can't even stop to read this blog and it's disturb me in office anyway love love love this blog so much here is the link i also join the e-course It's fun, really thanks hubby for supporting me :D

My Collection

i love to play so when i have a collection it would be an item that can make or produce something in other word i love gadget and camera spend my money a lot on those items not only when to buy the items but also when to use it like a camera.. i love lomo camera begin with diana mini, aquapix and the last is polaroid camera i need to buy the film.., and to see the result i need to process it in photo studio .. that's the fun.. if i forget a bit about the money :p take a picture.. and get the surprise picture after that... might be a long journey but now the polaroid make it shorter.. still get the surprise and the result in the same time

Cassette Collection

a few days ago i look into my sister's cassette collection there a lot of cassette and it reminds me to the 90's era then i realize this is one way to make a memory when she buy the cassette, it seems usual thing but it feels different now each cassette seems has its own memory then i think, I'm going to have a collection too cassette or CD one in every month might be good..

About Death

To be honest, I really really scared to death When imagine I'm going to be alone Face the afterlife Be responsible to all I have done here Thinking of this make my heart beat very fast Again I'm scared Dear Allah, I beg You to make me a better person in every day I know that the change will only come if I also try too So i beg You to always give me the consistency., Amin

Love Letter from YouTube

Today i get an email from YouTube... Beginning in 4 years ago when i love the interaction between hwanhee and hwayobi in WGM and just want to watch some partof their show so i  make one video.. a part of their activity in the show that i think it's cute just for fun i upload this into YouTube and that's it... already forget about the video and suddenly get this letter "Dear mysweetnayo, (Mysweetnayo is hubby's nickname.. Sometimes i call him nayo) We notice that one of your videos is becoming popular on YouTube. We love seeing our creators be successful, and we'd like to invite you to monetize your video." felling sooo happy my way now opening one by one have a new spirit now let's make a good video content what could it be??? we'll see then loph lophhh... :D

Get Focus in Work

To be honest i play a lot in my office, not playing game but playing with scratch, try to make animation spend a lot of time with the animation till the duty to make an exam got neglected I often lose focus in work.. anything can distract me and sometimes it disturb me.. so this is what i do when i want to serious in working i make a note..,some list when i see the list it's really long i never realize that got panic yap but as soon as i make the list.. i got action on it sometimes it looks impossible to make it in one day but i think there's magic on it because when i 'm going home, i always leave a blank note., the impossible become possible every time i take a break or playing the note is always on my mind and can't help to avoid the duty so just make a note when you need to focus it's really helpfull

Playing Ball

Aleena is really playful even when she already feel sleepy some part of her body still active this is the example.. seeing her foot are moving constantly i put a ball between her foot :p

Monk Wants To Sleep

Monk a little dog is our favorite movie.. we used to watch this movie every saturday morning.. any schedule on that day should be adjust to monk.. after monk is better.., suddenly miss my weekend in jakarta especially when we were going to kelapa gading

Birthday Plan

One month more our aleena will turning 1.. in 22nd January for exactly hubby and i are plan to celebrate her birthday.. since i pregnant till now we're never do some event.. an event to reflect our gratitude to Allah SWT.. so maybe it's the time.. want to make something that unusual... something special so i try to prepare this from few days ago many things to prepare because i want to make the decoration by myself something like happy birthday banner, thank you gift/card the invitation too.. really happy to do this.. moreover today i find this website you can everything about party here is the website.. Take a look and enjoy your time Catch My Party hopefully in the time everything gonna be success..,,

My Baby Break The Rubik

Waaawwww there is a baby break the rubik... my hubby said that last night but in a complete Waaawwww there is a baby break the rubik, literally yap our aleena break my rubik into 4 pieces when i change her clothes, 3 small pieces and 1 the rest of the rubrik and this is the picture even when i 'm sick over of it i can't do this what a strong baby girl after she sleep, i try to fix it, a little bit curious how to break it so i want to break this to into small pieces too.. all of them, kind interesting too.. this is the result... now the final duty is to arrange this rubik again into a new one.. almost success but i can't arrange the last pieces the hole is really small, i think i need to rearrange this again..

Dog catch Butterfly

Since my superior ask me to enrich the exam for certification.. and try to play with scratch too.. Then i try to make my own video Here it is, the simple animation... in a later i may upload some of my project here 

Aleena's First Photobox

in sunday when we hang out to bip, we were pass trough one photo studio  and suddenly get an idea to have a photobox with aleena whatever the risk because our aleena is really active i don't expect a lot from this so one good photo is enough for me but beyond the expectation it's success and her photos are natural when  we first come in to the box.. aleena feels comfortable  maybe because she looks our reflection in the monitor.. but this is not the main reason.. acctually our aleena love to see her reflection in the mirror she will smile and look shy after that as if she look other person in the mirror anyway this photo booth is really helpful, my hubby even ask to do it again next month..,