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Kids Philosophy part two

Yesterday i acompany my niece to brush his teeth.,, after he rinse his mouth... he should spit the water out to downstair but then he point in to the front with some power..., In the begining i feel really sleepy but then i got laughed seeing his act.., he changed the routine into some fun activity,.., So for the lesson number two, when you got bored just try to do things that out of your routine, that is the simple way to get some fun in your day.., Read also kids philosophy part one

Kids Philosophy part one

When i interact with my daughter or my niece or the other kids.... i get some lesson from them..., Here is the story... Aleena were looked to her grandma who was stand in the chair, looking for a key in the above wardrobe...., Aleena got curious... she come closer to her grandma... try to climb it many times but keep failed because the chair is too high for her..., so i just look her from far away because i don't think she can do it., But suddenly my mother screaming.... aleena succeed to climb the chair and stand in it.., She wants to reach the same height level as her grandma did... but of course it wouldn't happened..., but you know what she discover a new level that bring her to new exploration place..., which is fun for her..., So for the first lesson I can say that when you have a goal in your life just keep moving forward, ignore everybody's mind and soon you'll discover that you have achieve many things,,.

Four simple goals before 2014

Yesterday i just read about this topic in my favorite blog abeautifulmess and now i will tell you what are my simple goals...., Here they are 1. Find a new interesting book... 2. Make a log book to chart a pass event.... 3. Write daily home-cooked meal menu.. 4. Get one set of keri smith books or some book that related to creativity..., Let's start tomorrow, in the begining of my favorite month..., anyway what about your simple goals?

Save The Last Dance For Me

when i watched some of michael buble video.. i found this video Save the last dance for me (official mj music video) this one is farewell video dedicated  to one of his best friend i love the chemistry between them...., check it out

Let's Reorganize

One uncertain week has already ruin my mood..., all things got mess But now... everything is back to normal again..., And i'm going to start again..., to organize everything... To be productive again.... One year has 365 days... it could be 365 or 52 or 12 products... so let's make a goal...,

She Got Me

When aleena drop a glass on purpose. and hit my leg... I said to her that it's hurt... After that she asked me to lift my leg... I thought she want to massage my leg but then suddenly i feel cold in my leg... When i see it, she was blowing to my leg...., cute baby girl..,

Junior Analyst

This picture was taken and edited by hubby.. When he take a look at his gallery, he suddenly get an idea to make a story for this picture. The sequence of this picture is exactly the same as the sequence when the pictures were taken...,            F5-run Query  ~~~~~~~~ Query submitted  ~~~~~~~~~ No more spool space 

Where's Mommy

When i show this picture to aleena.. I said to her.. "This one is a father and this one is his son." and she asked "Mommy.. Mommy.." "His mommy is not there.." i replied.. for aleena things that doesn't exist is sleeping.. so i said to her.. "his mommy is sleeping..." then finally she stop asking me about simba's mommy..,

Being Brave

When Simba being scolded because he had disobeyed his father...He said that he just want to be brave like his dad...then Mufasa said "i'm only brave when i have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble." "I guess even kings get scared,huh?" Simba asked. Mufasa nodded gravely at the young cub. One of my favorite quote from Lion King story in Disney Storybook Collection. You can find out about the book in here Disney Storybook Collection: A Treasury of Tales (Disney Storybook Collections)

So Little Time

That is what i feel everyday.., Just realize how precious time for me..., Hello time... can i buy you? I'm 27 years old now..., it's almost 28 actually... and i just started to have many ambition in my life.., I have many goals... i make my own deadline...  and this one actually makes me can't live comfortable....  many goals-single tasking-very short time..., I may have a lot of time in the night... but then in the morning... whatever the condition i need to wake up as soon as our aleena open her eyes.... the goals... timeline.. mission.,., action...,  it feels exhausted.... it is exhausted  but i'm happy...., really happy..,

One Year Blogging

I may know about blog on 2009...  but start to actively blogging on September 2012...., This is my first post that begin everything  Visual Person Being consistent is not really difficult... if you really want it...,  this consistency already happened for 9 months... but i'm not that satisfied because i didn't do well in the other 3 months..., This blog is one starter of my dream..., because i actually want to work on creative industry... I want to be a successful blogger , a creator of children application or a writer for children story, it will be good if i can make something that be memorable for all of the kids around the world.. I ever think that i should take the art major..., i was late to realize about what my passion is., When i tell this to hubby, he said "then we can't meet and aleena doesn't exist..." he is sweet isn't it? Anyway even though i want to be in art major but i never even once regret about my college life be

New Progress, Spelling

When we give aleena a paper and a pen..., she will say lis a.k.a write, she loves to make a scratch..., Sometimes she's the one who ask a pen or a paper when she hold one of this thing... lis lisss..., At one time hubby try to write her name.... he spelling a-lee-..... and suddenly from behind aleena said "na"..., We were really surprised... she already recognize her name really well..., i thought it was just coincidence but when we try to repeat it again and again she can answer it correctly..., She even can answer just until we said A-...... "Lee-na"..., after that we always try to do it again and again and again because we feel very very happy :P You can see her last progress in  19 months Aleena's record

Hakuna Matata

You might familiar with this words..., Yap it is one of the original soundtrack from lion king..., All this time i never know about the meaning of hakuna matata.... Until i read a book for aleena...., and i found that hakuna matata means no worries..., The book was actually for aleena but the happiest person who accept this book is myself..., It's like you get your childhood memories back..., Anyway let's come and see again the video...., hakuna matata...,

Keep Moving Forward

When i forget something like buy a thing in the  mini market or in the mall,  I usually will find another mini market or another mall...., I don't like to go back even when the distance is closer than to the other one..., For me it is much better to moving forward to get the new adventure  than to have the same experience...,

About Aleena's Favorite

Hubby and i have a different favorite food....,  i don't like some food that belong to his favorite...,  and i have my favorite food that hubby think just an ordinary food..., But this kind of favorite thing make us know about the origin of aleena's favorite Like when aleena eats kembang tahu..., hubby smile and said "she's my daughter"....  or when she enjoys eating fried rice... it is my turn, she is my daughter...., Sometimes it feels like there is a competition between us...,  When Aleena eat his favorite, hubby will say..... yes i win..., :D

Multitasking vs Single Tasking

I've just realized about this two characteristic...Especially about my characteristic and hubby's..., This morning he work with his laptop next to me who is watching the discourse on tv...., Suddenly in the funny part he was laughing with his eyes stil focus on laptop..., I finnally get the difference about our characteristic...,he is the multitasking person while myself is a single tasking person.., I always ask the same question to hubby in a few minutes...., i thought i was forgetful but then i know, i just didn't focus at that time..., i was thinking a lot of matters on my mind..., Anyway thanks to hubby who keep answering the same question for me..., Ooooo one more person..., teh fit thank you..., i did a lot to you..,asking the same question three to four times in 5 seconds..... more severe :p

Little smile

The little one has grown up... When i turn on the front camera, she suddenly make a pose... I thought she was just looking herself at a mirror.. But then she hold it the pose for a few seconds.....:)) See another beautiful smile here

Yellow Things

This color is the only one that hasn't come out in aleena's wardrobe... So this is going to be my wishlist for her....


Do you see the picture... First time i tie her hair..., i feel like i was seeing the little girl on moster inc movie.... The same impression come from hubby when i sent this picture..., the first thing he said is  "it looks like the little girl in monster inc, what is her name? Ooo Boo...."

How To Teach a Child

Sometimes i got stress with children., It was difficult to make them understand  about things that good and the other that not good..., And i guess i found the answer... so now i should try to look closer about how they learn something...,

Papap Jr.

This one was taken a week ago... Actually i never know about this until a few minutes ago i saw the gallery..., So envious... I want to have good picture too with aleena..., They have a lot of picture together... Here is the link  Favorite Picture Anyway i love this kind of surprise....,

In a Rush

If you see a women who going somewhere without bring a bag that would be me.... I was running away again from my responsibility  with hubby to watch 'Rush' movie.... We were going after aleena sleep and all perfect until we arrived at btc, i was realized that i don't bring anything... No bag, no cellphone, no money, no atm card... I just have my hubby who bring his wallet fortunatelly..., At that time i miss my bag...,  so envious even elementary school girl bring that one :p Anyway we finally watch the movie in empire bip  because we missed about the schedule...., no rush played at that time..  but fortunately we stil have a chance to watch the movie.... And rush is really really really cool awesome...  i want to watch that again and again and again...,

When I Miss Him

My friends fito asked me about what am i doing when i miss hubby...... And i said i write a blog... write a letter for hubby... about some story or my wish....,,  I've been in long distance married for almost 2 years....,, Thinking and thinking again i actually have a lot things to do...,  such as : call him... of course everybody do that, cook food in the way he usually cook, watching the same movie, listening to some music that we used to play together, watching romantic movie or reality show wgm.,  or just seeing aleena's smile because it's really similiar to him...,

Aleena's Finger Paint

In the morning when i go to the bathroom She use my lipstick to paint in her puzzle toy and  more detail in the back side where there's no picture in it..., She was good in choosing the canvas... :D Here is the picture..,,

I Miss My Hubby

ooo friday why are you took so long

Remembering The Past

Just read my posts on november last year...  and reminding again about why i love write this blog Yap all the memories come up..., It's really good for me who has a short memory.... The post might be short but it give me some significant point in remembering the whole story..., Hopefully i won't be lazy anymore to write.. because i really really need my memory....

Favorite Picture

look at the picture.... They took this picture by themselves..., Only the two of them... Play with my imini.... And make some expression in front of camera.., They look really cute together most of my favorite picture are about this two peole on one frame....,