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Missing Moment

hubby's friends once said about how he miss to carrying his baby girl.. and i know how that feels right now cause i miss that moment too.. especially when i can take picture with her comfortably..

Quotes Pillow

When hubby not around.. i guess this pillow is good for me.. get the first smile when seeing this pillow so hubby, buy me one please... source: icanread


just imagine how excited aleena with this activity... i really wanna do this with hubby too.. in the morning, outside home... do some mess thing.. it must be fun can't wait to do this one... and to make it safe if eaten, this is the recipe for the paint.. just click on the link Edible homemade fingerpaint

Lucky or Unlucky

On sunday.. We were hanging out to some place.. Having a şnack in btc.. And a meal in hummingbird No special menu just a little story.. When we need to accept some bad luck (i guess) that keep following us until we go home.. The big incident is when aleena's cloth getting wet because the spill water.. Not once but twice, the second is orange juice, and it happen on the same occasion too when the waiter is delivering our food and drink... The only different is aleena's position... Can you imagine how water love aleena şo much at that time...?? Does aleena feel sad or annoying...? No of course, She enjoy eats her cookies and plays... :D And do we feel dissappointed or panic...? Alhamdulillah we're still have a good luck besides the bad luck.. There are 2 suits in the bag that i arrange one day before.., The numbers are the same with the incident.. How if there are 3 incident.. How long aleena needs to stand with the cold...? Such a coincidenc

Organize The Spices

one thing that i wanna do when i have my own kitchen.. is to organize the spices in the glass container.. the uniform shape make it easier to organize in the drawer.. more efficient - save space you can see the complete tutorial in this link How to Organize Your Spices

The Adventurer Girl

Looks like a lost girl.. but in reality.. she's the adventurer girl in airport in the panda exhibit   a spacious place is a gift for her but not for us.. chasing her from one side to other side, spend a lot of energy good practice little girl.. :D one question crossed in hubby's mind.. "When will we stop chasing her?" i don't think we're going to stop.. yap still chasing her, but maybe in a different way

Kai kai & Jia jia

Kai kai and  Jia Jia are a pair giant panda in Singapore zoo.. to see the pandas we buy an add-on ticket for $5.00 they are cute... and looks like a doll This is a picture when we queue before seeing the exhibit..  here they are... Their activities are only eating eating eating and sleeping and eating again and sleeping again... but still you two are totally cute... and finally the doll for aleena, Kai kai, the name is written in his feet... But as you can see in the picture the most interesting is the tag.. yap whatever it is, her favorite is still the tag

Collecting Memories

On weekend i met my 2 months old nephew... Seeing her small hand.. small feet.. make me wonder.. Is aleena's hand or feet ever this small.. Why can't i remember.. I just believe when hubby said yes... Thinking n thinking again... Then i remember.. In the first 3 month.. Aleena's body was all covered so that i never touch her hand except when she take a bath or change clothes.. But still i should remember the feel.. How short my memory was.. I think i need to get really detail in documented her development Maybe i need to draw her hand or her feet or maybe i should make a scratch in the wall (measure her height) So that i could remember that aleena ever on this phase... :p

Polaroid Decor Ideas

There is one thing that i need to accomplish... a plan in aleena's birthday to make a polaroid decor.. this picture is the inspiration... when i see this picture, i wonder where to buy the cute clip to hanging the picture.. but then suddenly hubby's friend give us the clip.. the clip with baby jumper decoration, very cute thank you very much..   then just need to buy a vintage picture frame..., for other polaroid decoration ideas.. you can see in this link DIY: 10 Polaroid Holiday Decor Ideas

White Tiger

Do you see the picture? Is it cute.... but more than that actually : D it looks strong, powerful and very cool  the most impressive one for aleena.. i don't really know whether she's not understand yet or not interested about animal world but the expression just came out when she see this white tiger.. see her reaction in picture below before going home take picture first with the tiger...

Breakfast Time

Since we have no idea whether the food is halal or not we just have breakfast a bread toast and a pancake stil hungry but no choice.. the nearest one is the restaurant in the hotel.. in the middle time, i take picture of hubby and aleena they were cute seems to have similar expression..

At the beginning

i don't trust people easily... But there is only one exception.. That is when i'm sure that ani will be my hubby It was in the 1st year from the 7 years long relationship Anyway first time i saw him in 2003.. "He's different" My impression that came with no interaction at all.. Just watching him from far... Still remember that moment..,the strange feeling Suddenly have a different feeling to him compare to other boys at that time..., Maybe if i don't look him at that moment, there wouldn't be story of us.., cause i think i'm the one who start to write it.... :p

Warm Bodies

on the weekend hubby and i want to go to cinema.. so i said let's try warm bodies.. :p (since my hubby doesn't like twilight and i thought it would be like twilight) he almost said no before we see the rating 7.3 in IMDb and 79% in Rotten Tomatoes Woowww... there must be something.. because the score is high well well.. i love this movie so much.. and you really have to watch this movie i love the soundtrack so warm, sweet and very charming R just started to fall in love since the beginning narration Nicholas Hoult for the specific :p This is the trailer movie Enjoy...

The Imitator in Action

"Dede" --- my grandma calling my mother Aleena to her grandma "Deeeeede" "Pah" ---- my mother calling my father Aleena to her grandpa "pahhhhh" "Niii" ---- me to hubby Aleena to his papap "Niiiii" Since the imitator is in action then, there should be only one name... Uu, kakek, nenek, papap, mommy She can clearly do it except mommy...  (She call me Ma-Ma) Just sometimes she like experiment and follow what other just said

Just accept it

I really wish I can runaway.... But to give up on something is not mine.. At least I should reach the finish line.. So the only thing hubby suggest is to accept it... Ok then let's face it.. Simple thing but a very big consequence... Whatever...,

Couple Items

I dream about couple items  in our home.. Couple apron, mug and pillowcase And couple slippers.... We'll see :p

Happy moment

Waiting hubby back from Jakarta or back from the office... And get a hug :D

Nail art

Doing some nail art is my wish list... But i wanna do it, if my hubby is right next to me.. so hubby when will you accompany me....? Lets make something like this picture...

Current challenge in Aleena's development

In a lately... Aleena's eating habit are better... When in the past, her meal time was burden for me but now it is my gift.. The only timed i could have relax is when she sleeps and eats... Other than that i need to keep watch on her and to always follow her wherever she's moving anyway what i want to talk about is... How Allah loves us.. Allah give us a test that fit to our ability... Allah give us the new challenge but in other hand Allah also reduce our burden... Like when aleena can't stand still but she eats faster now... Alhamdulillah... That's why i always enjoy every moment with her.. Cause i know there always be a new challenge waiting for me I just need to conquer it one by one...,

13 months Aleena

In aleena's age now.. She never running out an idea about how to having fun.. There always something to explore.. Wherever she is.. Every item can be her toy..., Like when she stays at hotel, she plays with light control switch... There are 5 switch and she learn how the switch connect to every lamp.. Besides that she plays with the flyers, garbage can and safety box... But what i love most is when she plays with the switch... Love her smiley face when she found the lamp is turning on..,


Light is my favorite things.. Any kinds of light... It's really easy to make me smile Just gimme a city light view... Or the reflection of sunlight.. Or even a lightning but of course without the sound of thunder.. That's why I will always want to give a name to my children that have a meaning lights.. I already did for Aleena (zinnia ->Zia) Zia in Arabic means light.. If it for a boy then his name will be zeeya... Talking about the light meaning... There are 2 meaning for me... First is light as a symbol of excellence and the second is light as a thing that illuminate the darkness or a helper.. The only thing I wish for my child.. Be the light... Btw does anyone know A name that means lovable??

Her Pose

i have no  idea where she learn to pose but she's really expressive.. make a lot experiment with her facial expression  this is the photo when she plays with my hair clip.. and it was taken by front camera one word for her "Amazing" what a girl...,

Change of Plan

backpack to suitcase... apartment to hotel... playing mode to family mode.. USS to Singapore zoo Yap at that time  We just enjoy the surrounding.. walking by around the hotel.. in the noon and the night.. Anyway we really love the air and the environment.. my hubby totally healthy, no sneezing at all even when we have a cold drink and have a very late night walking and bath time   Alhamdulillah

Our First Time

A week ago was the first time we going abroad.. The first plan is only just the two of us.. but since my mom think about the existence of the breast milk   so here we are the team me, hubby and aleena we were going to Singapore...,, a very very very challenging time since we bought a 13 months baby who are very very active and in exploring mode.. it was the first time we take care of her without any help from other.... do you know how it feels..., It feels GOOOOD hahaha... yap we made it and succeed... one thing that i grateful is she's health all the time til we back again to Bandung.. Alhamdulillah

Birthday Things

  This are few thing that we create for aleena a beautiful memory of us.. designing, printing, cutting, sticking... me and hubby are an excellent team :D a simple thing but make a ton of happiness for us..

Private Birthday Party

Just for a little family... me hubby and aleena celebrating aleena's 1st birthday on 'Warung Pasta' but no picture of us.. how could, just realize it here is the picture, the one and only, aleena, the birthday girl too late to posting, just suddenly remind by fito's plan..

Baby Pages

When you feel in a pressure.. and feel stuck at a moment... you can try to open this page... babies-innocence-joy-love-tenderness one page full of babies photos.. Seeing this make me missing time with aleena... Feel a little memory on my mind... eventhough  i already spend my full time with her for 8 months.. so for all of you who will have a baby.. you should take a lot of picture before your baby can move around..... i did but compare to this page it seems very little

New Stage

Just entering new stage to design a live i loved and this is what i need to do so let's hope for the best..