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really miss my hometown..

12 o'clock, it's time to eat, i should feel happy but i'm not.. i feel boring with the food arround jakarta, especially right now in my office. I don't say the food is not delicious.. It is but it doesn't make me wanting that again and again and again.. So i really feel confuse and actually i don't want to eat if i don't think about my body and my baby.., I wonder how can i stand to eat the same food for a few days even for everyday in my campus or in my last office in bandung, but i never feel boring.. Something's wrong, is it me or the food.., really have no idea but i feel happy when i eat some food that i used to eat in bandung like hokben, steak n shake or yellow rice., Maybe i just really miss Bandung.. Maybe i just eat to feel the sweet memory that i have in bandung..

My Playlist

There are 14 songs in my playlist today.., The playlist is really fresh since i just listen to them again today. The songs are: 1. Lucky days ost, i record this song by myself because i can't find this song in the internet. 2. That Is, Park Bo Young, Speed Scandal OST 3. Secret, One Republic, Sorcerer's Apprentice OST 4. Banmal Song, Jung Yong Hwa and Yong Seo,WGM OST 5. You Got Me, Colbie Caillat, Letter To Juliet OST 6. Black Sheep. Brie Larson, Scott Pilgrim OST 7. Marry U, Suju 8. Won't Go Home without You, Maroon 5 9. Marching On, One Republic 10.Good Life, One Republic 11.Apologize, One Republic 12.Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble 13.I Luv You, The Ordinary Boys 14.LoveLight, CN Blue

No Make UP

hello everybody, i just remember i have this video from youtube about how to use make up naturally.. It's really simple and look natural, you might like this.., The way she explain is really good and i love her videos. If you'd like to find her videos, use keyword bubzbeauty., Enjoy it..