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I Hate Cleaning

When we need to take care our house alone, i said to hubby that i hate cleaning so hubby take over that duty...., In the beginning i always rely on him but you know he also busy so sometimes the duty were neglected... I try to stand with some dust and friends but then i can't hold it too long until hubby available to clean it... I may hate cleaning but i was raised in a family who are neat freak... my mom and dad are well organized, very very very well... so now i don't rely him too much and try to clean it by myself because i need to live in clean and neat environment too. So proud of me hahaha.... anyway thanks to my parent for the clean house and the  good model in taking care of the house..., In the end i wish i have a robot who can detect the dust and friends and clean it right away... :p

Full Time Mom vs Working Mom

If you looking for some statement to defend one side or to make one side looks better than the other then maybe you just read a wrong post.. because i don't want to talk about it... sorry Do you know what??? Because when you make some statement about one side, the other side will feel their sacrifice were useless... Thats it, i guess...

Small Talk

When hubby watch his football team play on tv, i always try to disturb him with silly questions.. He's really cute because he always answer every question, so multitasking... good job Since his priority focus on tv so i try to talk about my day when i taking care our aleena i said to him i think i was hard to aleena... sometimes i complain it a lot and also yelling at her... The point is i showed her a bad side of me very often, few things that never happened when i was working,, i told him one case and suddenly he came up with a suggestion how to solve the problem, and yap i was so surprised.. I always thought this is my job, and hubby has his office job. We can't help each other because we don't really understand about the job, but i was wrong he is quite better than me and i feel helpless because i can't help him too.... you work so hard,, very hard...  thank you very much.. if there something i can do for you....

Now What

A phrase that always comes everyday.. Or in other word "i'm bored and maybe we're bored" Everyday i wonder if i can get some fresh activity for me and aleena... but stil i can't... Being sahm means i'm a time and place  controller....  it also means we can do anything but in the reality we do nothing... Anyway, at least  i always to figure out new things every night.. I hope later maybe starting tomorrow i can write our activity.... a different one...something that out of the box... amiin Ok..... done for today... it's 2:31 AM.... Let's sleep again,  hubby.....

Macaroni and Cheese

Today i just made a mac and cheese... I got my inspiration from Laura Vitale. You can see the recipe and video in this link I also tried mixing it with beef mince Here is my sketchnote about my own recipe.., It helps me to remember the sequence..., Now here is the result...It's really delicious... First time i made it on mid july.. i made it for one event and alhamdulillah the neighbors love it...

BBQ Meatballs

Hubby asked me to make a BBQ meatball so i browse a lot recipe and finally combine this two recipe to make my own recipe... 1. meatball : Chef John's Italian Meatballs   2. BBQ sauce : BBQ Meatballs   Here is my recipe 1. Meatballs 2. BBQ Sauce     I make two version of this meatball.. The first one, i cover the meatballs with barbeque sauce (i bought on supermarket) before i bake it and for the other i combine the meatball with my own barbeque sauce after i bake it.., Here is the result... I love the first version while hubby love the other one...

Breaded Chicken Recipe

I combine two recipe to make my own recipe..., Here are the original recipe: 1.  Breaded Chicken Fingers 2.  How to make Japanese Fried Chicken ''Kara-age'' And now for my recipe: 1. Hubby's favorite 2. Aleena's favorite...    From the first recipe i finally knows a way to tenderize the chicken...., it was milk.... Now i always use it for aleena's meal...,

DIY Wall Clock

When we can't find any favorite wall clock hubby said "i challenge you to make our own wall clock." then i said "ok challenge accepted."   First i need a media to put the clock,,, i browse a lot but couldn't find any idea until we go to Baltos We suddenly get the same idea, We think to make a paint in the canvas and put the wall clock movement mechanism there Second i need an idea about the picture so i'm browsing again and again and again on Pinterest... I found the simple one that can still make us focus in seeing the time.., Finally i got an idea to make triangle pattern with neon color of course and blue to make it fair for hubby.... :D Here it is, the wall clock with my beautiful little girl The  two pictures are blur but it's really cute

My First Doodle T-Shirt

It began when i bought this two fabric marker.. Giotto decor textile, neon pink and neon yellow First time i saw it, i didn't really care about the function The only reason why i bought them is only the color... :p One day i wore a pink t-shirt and realized that the t-shirt is old enough so i decide to make a little experiment on it... I make a line in the pocket and that's it...., I still wore it while i drawing and it's so boring...  so i started again to make a bigger experiment.. This time i change the cloth and put the old T-shirt above the book..., I browse some cute pattern on Pinterest and finally get an idea to make a lot of cute camera.., Here is the result.....,

Mommy's Cook Book

Do you see the picture.. it is one page of my mommy's cook book..., This book is really really awesome.. I may be too much but this book help me a lot to interpret all cooking step  to something that easier to follow.. Other may think it's less information but for me it's already quite enough  because i keep some memory about the cooking technique.  I may never really cook but i always pay attention when i came in to the kitchen....,  This book is my starting point... i'm really grateful to have this book....,  my mom is really smart... she arrange it as if she writing code..  make some variable and function...., :D Now i try to follow her method. and you know what, it's a little bit difficult.. When i try to arrange new recipe, i keep looking to her book..., i thought it will be easy but it's not...

What Makes Me Survive

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest thing for me,,, doing the same things everyday could be boring..., moreover i'm a dynamic person.. so now i'm thinking about how to survive from the routines... and the answer is to create dynamic life in home First i'm thinking about things that will not be the same everyday and it is about food,,, I thought i can't cook, i didn't feel confident to cook for others... When i'm home, i just saw my grandma or my mom or my maid cook.. The excuse is why should i cook when there are a lot of people can cook :p But now it's different... i can cook , i never knew it before i feel more confident because hubby loves the food.. He loves the food because he loves me or he loves me because he loves the food.. Start confusing... i just know there are a lot of loves here :D Now i always try new recipe everyday.. i should also post here and maybe it's a goo idea too..,  Second i'm thinking about drawi

Hello World

Hello.. hello... again I really miss my blog.. Here i am now I'm going to tell you about my experience as stay at home mom but you should wait for a moment.. because i'm looking for the right time.. i mean the time when aleena playing outside Anyway, hello world...

2048 Strategy

One day i saw hubby's friend winning this game... then i was wondering  whether i could also win this game..., I used to play with the same method, sometimes it just random movement I always stuck in 512 tiles... so I was thought about how others doing.,,, I browse the strategy and got this one  How To Win 2048 It's very simple... I try to follow the method to build number side to side, collapse upward, focus on corner, and never ever ever swipe down... My biggest mistake, I always move the tiles to every direction...  When i try this method... My score is getting higher and higher and higher and suddenly i got this 2048 tile...

Hit The Button

When I give this game to hubby... He said "Where is the score".... So now i try to update my game... I make the button turn around faster than before,,, For the first ten seconds it move slow but then it getting faster and faster... I add scoring and also put a high score for my game...., If you want to play come to this link Hit The Button Here is for the preview

Begin Again

This is my mini game. i still have no idea about the title.. i start again to make a game since i resign from my job and it was inspired by aleena..   This game is about hitting the button when the color is change,,, i put our favorite character.. hello kitty, doraemon and mickey mouse Check it out, if you want to try to play it come to this link Scratch Project Don't forget to click the green flag to start the game...

Family House Print

Hubby ever complained to me.. he said "you always draw for aleena.. then how about me?" so now i try to make something for him.. here is for you,  Mr. Dzulhikam

Photo Collage Letter

Yesterday i saw a photo collage letter on Pinterest and try to imagine it with aleena's photos  It will be cute of course, so now i try to make it one... and here is the result

10 Fun and Engaging Tape Activites For Toddler

Play with the tape is really fun.... I've played once with aleena  and now i want to explore more activity with tape... Try to browsing some ideas and here they are: 1. Tracing Number [ Hand On As We Grow ] 2. Tape Art [ Tinkerlab ] 3. Race Track [ Two Daloo ] 4. Abstract Art Fire Trucks [ The Good Long Road ] 5. Walk The Line [ Hands On As We Grow ] 6. Tape Resist Banner [ Craftulate ] 7. Painter's Tape Roadway [ Mama Papa Bubba ] 8. Sticky Feet [ OMG There's Three ] 9. Wrap The Stick [ Teach Preschool ] 10. Tape Shape Game [ The Pleasantest Thing ]

Bird Wall Art

Drawing is so much fun... Now this is what i do everyday.. Draw something..,,

Fairy Wall Art


This is a game that very very addictive you need to make sure you have a time to play because sometimes i can't stop  i usually say once more.. only once again.. just once.. and never stop.. Actually i'm stop when aleena needs me..., This game is about join the numbers to get 2048 tile.., my achievement so far is until 512..., here is the link  2048

10 Creative Recycled Cardboard Craft for Kids

I'm gonna move to our house and buy some new appliances... So there will be a lot of cardboard.. I just browsing some idea  to recycle this cardboard.. especially for aleena.. here they are: 1. Cardboard House [ Ambosia Creative ] 2. Sensory Boxes [ Meri Cherry ] 3. Castle [ The Busy Budgetting Mama ] 4. Mailbox [ Ikatbag ] 5. FunTown [ The Imagination Tree ] 6. Moster Box [ a Mom with a Lesson Plan ] 7. Tugging Box [ Laughing Kids Learn ] 8. Cardboard Stacker [ Meaningful Mama ] 9. Cardboard Box Shape Sorter [ Parents ] 10. Dumpster [ Hands On as we grow ]

About Taking Care a Baby

A week ago, i was in bad condition... I feel more sensitive and sometimes I can't handle myself...., It feels more difficult when I take a role as stay at home mom... I tell my hubby about that... And he said "you want to work, go then but please have a breakfast and dinner with me" Thank you hubby.... That is what i want but it's not my choice..., Then he try to found an answer... And finally he said "I think you need me, you already taking care Aleena all day, so I should taking care of you in the night, right,,," I guess he's right..., for all this time I feel like a single parent even though there are a lot of people who could help me here..., I think I need his support and also hubby's role..., About taking care our Aleena Do you know what I've been through it... First Thing is I got shock with all about baby things..., I'm a last child and even I have a niece I never know how my sister taking care of him because she lives in Sy

My Baby Grow Up So Fast

Today i just found out a new lesson about how to color pop image... You can see the tutorial here I try to implement this tutorial with my daughter's picture from june 2013 and march 2014 i love the result.. and wow she grow up so fast, it's only 9 months.. anyway here is the result...,

The Hardest Part: being consistent

When aleena got cough.... i said to her no chips.... But when aleena got fussy and i running out of idea to make her stop...  i give her the chips... Then this little girl reminds me about the consistency.... She said "mommy no... cough....." I forbid her to play ipad... but i stil play fruit ninja in front of her... now i only play ipad on the night..., I teach her to pee on the bathroom but when we go outside and she asked me to go to bathroom, i said to her "just do it on your  diaper" I'm sorry, i was wrong..., But i'm grateful that sometimes you're really stubborn.... Because finally you can force me to go to the toilet..,

Add Instagram Photo To Blogger

I just successful add my instagram photo to my blog.. and it's really easy.. I'm using SnapWidget Click the link and start customize your widget.. Here is the example.., I choose a Grid Type ... most sidebar width are between 200-300px, if you want to make 2x2 layout you need to set 100px or 150px for the thumbnail size Actually there are 5 widget type: grid, board,  scrolling, slideshow and map.. If you want to see the difference you can click Preview button... When you are ready to put the widget, you can get a code by clicking Get Widget button... Now you just only need to copy and paste the code to HTML Widget on your blog's layout Click Save and here's the result

Bicycle Wall Art

When i try to found an idea to make bicycle wall art.. I get my inspiration from Oreo Bicycle You should try to see it too... there are a lot of fun recipes for kids.. Anyway here is my pink bicycle... it reminds me of the time when i was a child my first bike, i play it everyday especialy after school on 1 PM  one of the reason why my skin got tanned besides swimming It's actually because i love outdoor sport.. :D

New Lesson: Creating Silhouette

I just learned how to make a silhouette with Photoshop and Illustrator... I try to found some tutorial and finally got the simple one from here This is the result... a little bit look like aleena  i guess... :p

All About My Baby

I got interest in baby name wall art so now i try to make it by myself... and here they are... See also: Kids Wall Art

It's A Creator's Life

Kids Wall Art: Song Lyric Typography

I love wall art, especially for nursery decor or playroom and here are some of song lyric typography for kids wall art

20 Painting Tools for Art Activities

When i make a decision to be stay at home mom, one of my goal is to get creative with aleena. The first activity that i want to do with her is painting. So i search a lot of some tools to use with paint and here are the 20 painting tools. 1. Ball [ School Time Snippets ]                        4. Tube  Teaching 2 and 3 Year Old 2. Credit Card [ Happy Hooligans ]                  5. Squeeze Bottle [ Growing a Jeweled Rose ] 3. Hands and Finger [ Teaching Mama ]                           6. Vehicle toy [ Mess For Less ]     7. Leaves with all kind of shape and size [ First Palette ] 8. Ice Cube [ Teaching Mama ]      9. Fork [ Blog Me Mom ] 10. Dabber [Picklebums ]

How our story begin, 10 years ago

Hello my lil girl, these days i don't write this blog  so i feel a little guilty to not give you some memory..., Since my relationship and your papap is already 10 years...  i will tell you about how we start it..., The story begin on OSKM, one event that intended for new students on august 2003.,  this event took place in 4 days..., students from various majors were collected randomly in small groups...,  me and your papap belong to one group... the group number is 159..., We might be in one group, but i don't have any memory of your papap... i don't even know what he looks like..., at the time i just know there was one boy exist with a name's because he was lazy, he just come in the first and the last day..., The only fate is because we belong to the same group...,  one day after OSKM, our group were hold a farewell time, we share our contact information on lil book and took picture on studio..... When the group were waiting for

Potty Training

About few months ago, before aleena's age reach two years.. I have thought about this potty training... I was wondering about when will i start.. I just thought i will do this training on our own house because i don't want to bother other family member.. so i started to forget about this potty training..., on December, i saw that aleena already can pull her pants up and down...,This actually a good progress that show her readiness on potty training..,but i still have my doubt to start it until my mom gave a lot of underwear on Aleena's birthday.., Since my mom who initiate this training, then i don't need to feel afraid for disturbing again.. so this is our experience: first week aleena still pees in the pant.. so we postpone about this underwear thing and still using diaper. But it didn't mean we stop this training because we still bring her to the bathroom every one hour.., second week no more diaper, aleena has started to understand about pees in the ba

Surviving Plan as Stay at Home Mom

Few days ago i was sick..., The doctor suggest me to take a break from my routines.... Then i stay at home for three days...., First day i feel fine.. Second day i started to feel bored.... And finally in the last day i absolutely lost my mind... i really can't stay at home...., But thank god my friend contact me... so i can hang out for a while....  a great day when i finally meet my best friends ifa and dini in a spontaneous way....,  On saturday hubby come to bandung..., he feels sorry about me...,  he look at me as a person who lost her spirit for life..., and he's right..., When i stay at home i feel that i don't have a goal in my life...,   i have no activities beside keep an eye on aleena..., watching her do the same thing... Then i realize something...., for all this time i might feel bored  but i think one of the reason is because i feel that aleena's world is too small...., So my next mission is to survive on my future role a


When i'm single... i know that parent's duty is hard, literally...  until i get my responsible to take care of my daughter.....,,, Parenting is really really hard...., we need many many references to through  this challenge and also the gift at once, I just read one book.... only the resume actually but it's already help me a lot...., Here is the link Mengapa Anak Saya Suka Melawan dan Susah Diatur? I already implement some point....  one of them is how we need to communicate clearly with the child.... When i want to pray, haadi and aleena come in to my room...,  since i can't keep an eye on them, i said "please don't do anything..."  and when i look at to haadi's face... he looks confused...., Then i remember about how to give clear information...,  i should said do not fight, do not jump in the bed and etc..., But since it could be a very long list....  then i said to them to sit nicely until i finish praying.

2nd birthday

A year ago we celebrate her first birthday ....,  invite a lot of people to come to our house... It's actually a party for us, because aleena didn't understand yet..., :p But this year is different...., She already understand about birthday party..., She learned it from haadi's bithday video...., It's about singing a happy birthday song (for aleena it's hepinuyu) and blowing the candle...., So our mission this year is to make her happy.....  We don't invite people and just celebrate it with my family..., We prepare a chocolate devil cake (aleena's choice), candle, hat and baloons.... She was very very very happy...., She succeed blow a candle and even asked her papap to turn it on again... Actually i already teach her before, and the result, she blow it for three times...., I also allow her to contribute in cut her cake and share it with everyone.., She give the cake with a fork and also sweet kiss for everyone...., here is

Cat Lover

Aleena loves cat very much....., I have no idea when it begin.... But she always feel excited about it..., Actually it's not only cat... but also any other kind of animal...., She is better than me... she is a brave girl..., I'm really grateful that she doesn't follow my behaviour On that day she try to catch a cat, to hold it and moreover to ride on it...  One think that really difficult is when i keep her when she plays with animal...., I don't want to show her that i'm scared which is noy easy at all...., Anyway here is aleena's picture with her cousin haadi

Changes in Me

In a post before Why Should I , i think i already misunderstand about my dad... Today he drove me to the office and we talk a lot  He said that hubby and i already make some achievement... so we need to be grateful about it..., Then I think again about my dad... maybe he doesn't matter about money but more than that.. he wants to see some changes in me... something better..., something that differentiate me from old me..., because it seems he doesn't see it now Okay let's see it, then

Why Should I

One night my dad telling me about my cousin's achievement... Good carrier and high salary..., Then he compare me with my part time job and enough salary... He told me that i don't have ambition..., A little bit hurt because he compare it to salary..., To be honest.... I don't really care about my salary and about how i can prove to others that i'm good..., I don't live for people's opinion.... i just live for myself... I just want to enjoy my life and now i am... Is it wrong... What if my key factor to happiness is different from others... Am i wrong... Why should i live like other people??? Let me tell you about my ambition... here it is: i want to create a children story that will be remembered by all children in the world...,, I want to be a game maker especially in creating the main character that will be loved by every children I want to be a creative blogger that inspire many many many people especially for every woman around the world...

Fried Chicken Recipe

When hubby asked me to make a fried chicken I try to find a new recipe and got one from youtube., I make it with a lot of garlic...., The result is hubby really loves it... yap we're crazy about garlic.. aleena is the one who got the impact... She loves garlic, onion, green onion and etc... Anyway this one is really good.. check it out

Few Good Things on Early 2014

It begin with watching firework with aleena., last year she has a very deep sleep, but in this year she woke up at midnight..., There are something that can't be avoided so we introduce her to firework. Put a sweater,scarf,sock on her and bring her to outside...., a little bit worry because we never did before....,  but it's fun... we enjoy the firework....,  Got my birthday gift from fitada... eat delicious food and cake in the new restaurant giggle box..., thank you fito...Seeing diaper promotion when i wait fita...., buy one get one... unprecedented promotion....,  Buy a light blue jeans... new color for me and the most  important is hubby said he loves it.... Try richeese factory.. i love the wedges and the cheesecake... small portion but quite enough for me..., i want to go there again..., Go to a ceramic shop and get one new experience in buying kitchen appliances with hubby who also love the cute things...., it's even more fun when we bring aleen

Auto Awesome Photos

I just found out about this cool feature from google+ application on my android phone...., This feature create some gif picture and collage picture automatically..., One day i get notification on my phone and when i open it, i found some new version of my picture..., Here are the example..., The photo was taken about 6 months ago.., For more information about this feature, click this link Auto Awesome Photos