Friday, June 28, 2013

# Daily Journal

School Girl

Some people often think of me as school girl
Actually it's not because i have a baby face look
but it's because my style that doesn't change,
a.k.a i'm not really move on

Still comfortable with t-shirt, jeans, sneackers,
bag pack and natural makeup look

The advantage is of course i look younger than my age...
but there is also disadvantages
like the annoying looks from some people in the mall when i got pregnant
it seems they judge me as a school age
who accidentally will have a baby,

I love to go to salon and meet new people..,
some of them often ask me about do the smoothing...
but then they were surprised with my answer that i'm on breastfeeding phase...,

Hubby even warn me to explain about my age
when i make a statement that i have a baby to other people...,
or they'll just think i was M.B.A
and i think he is right...,
the last person seems ask me a lot of question...,

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