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Happy Birthday Mbah Uti


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Choose The Best One

Still remember my wallpaper while i'm pregnant...

a little cute baby girl..

my hubby once said aleena seems getting more similar to her..

 i also thought the same way but anyway
that's not the topic i want to talk about

do you see the detail around her mouth full of cream
This is a regular view of my aleena
4 times a day and she look the same like this picture

Suddenly remember the conversation long long time ago
in my last office, my friend passing my table..
and when he look into the wallpaper
he ask this "do you want your child eat like that "

Anyway it become reality..,
so i mean if you choose some picture..,
choose it carefully
the smiley face without cream would be better :p

a Million Moment

when you want to make your memories alive

then a million moment is the answer

It's an android application that can make your photos on your phone

being more meaningful

yapppp this application is creating an album photo for you

the photos are group by the date..

this is an example

you can even see the time

so the memories are really  feel  alive

to use the application is also very easy

you just need to choose some photo

and the album  get ready for you in a second

when you reopen the album

you may get some new layout or new picture

cause it's really dynamic

you can explore many things here

so try to install now and

get the new experience :D

New loookssss

Love this template..

the colour remind me to my friend's favourite colour

inton, she used to love the combination of baby blue and pink

hey tonn..   ^o^

if you love some cute template

especially that related to the kids

you can get here free cute kids blogger templates