Monday, June 24, 2013

# aleena

Repeated Things

This days i'm getting angry easily..
it is not about my mood..
but about one thing that i can't stand to hold..

i really can't stand to a repeated things..
such as alarm sound..
or nowadays is aleena's murmur..
she can keep calling mamiii for a few times..
i even can't count how many words in a minute..

this morning she did it again..
and this is what i do to control the emotion..

mamiii.. apa.. mamiii.. apa.. mamii apa mamii.. apa.. mamii.. apa.. mamii.. apa.. mamii.. apa..
when she keeps calling me
i try to answer 'apa' with the same facial expression..

after she stops, it's time to call her back.. (childish thing)
as i predict she answer me with the same thing..
aleena... apa.. aleena.. apa...aleena... apa.. aleena.. apa...

seeing her cute expression makes me forget about the anger and immediately stop the repetition :))

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