Wednesday, June 26, 2013

# Creative

Picky Reader

If you know me.. You will know that I don't like reading
I'm a picky reader...,
I just read things that have a cute colorful font and some pictures...
So don't ever ask me to get doctoral degree..
Or I could die slowly :p

But hubby ever tell me that I love reading...
All this time i was wondering but then I guess it's true..

I just fall in love with one website
and the first post that i love is
How To Be Creative

Read it for few hours..
I feel like I want to read every single page of this website
And the most amazing thing for me...
is the post use a small font..

Now  i know that the reason it's not only about the visualization
but also about the content..
I have a very limited interest,
that's why I feel that reading was such a boring activity until i find what i really like..

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