Friday, June 28, 2013

# Daily Journal

Low Bat

I often running out of battery..,
it never change until now, even with the big battery 2150 mAh battery...,

The most person who got the impact is my hubby...,
my 7 years boyfriend who try to contact me by calling my friends one by one...,
i'm sorry hubby...,

But now i've changed a little bit.., now i have a power bank and it's because of my baby girl..,i acctually doesn't really like it

On one night i took my daughter to doctor..
i can't order a taxi by phone because my phone was just sleeppp (no more battery)...

find a taxi in the street is really exhausted..,
It's even longer than the examine time..,

In the end, i can't refuse the powerbank because i also need it in the critical time..,
Yap our baby is everything..,

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