Thursday, June 13, 2013

# aleena

The Magic Hand Fan

few days ago aleena got sick..
she couldn't sleep because the stuffy nose..

on one night she keep crying without opening her eyes..
at that time we were really confused..
there's no way to keep her calm down..
the only way is just to be patient on her..

i really grateful that hubby was next to me...
i just worry about the next day when hubby in jakarta...,

the next night..
as i predict aleena crying again..
and yap i were really panic since it just the two of us..,

suddenly i saw a hand fan next to aleena..
that was my last hope.. since i failed many time in many ways to make her calm down

try to fan her very slowly..
and yapppp magic, she back to sleep again easily..
it solving my problem for few time..,
the hand fan is my best savior at that time..,

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