Tuesday, June 4, 2013

# Holiday

Mini Farm

This place is located in the rooftop PVJ mall

the entry ticket is 50.000 IDR and only for kids..
there are some vegetable and a bottle of milk to feed the animal..

when i come in to the place..
i bring a bottle of milk for aleena..
thanks to dino who remind me about a bottle..
or i would just give the wrong bottle to the goat..,

we're having fun here
the girls love to feed the animal..

here is the cute aleena and adel with their appron..,

This is the sheep..
already waiting us for food..

when i try to feeding the sheep..

i feel a little bit scared..
and i think that was my mistake to make aleena feel doubtful..
i should pretend to be brave..

after that i just let aleena with hubby..

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