Saturday, December 7, 2013

# stay at home mom

Stay at Home Mom

To be honest, if i can choose i want to be a working mom. I currently a working mom and for all this time I work for my own happiness.., sometimes the only thing that make me stop to work are my friends...., they asked me to take a rest for a while..., so you can see how important this thing in my life..

About mother's role, stay at home mom or working mom... my hubby is actually fine with either... he just wants me to be happy... i'm free to choose anything but i don't think i can be either too...,

I can't work... because i'm gonna live in other town and i don't have a guts to let aleena be guarded with other people beside my family..., I also can't stay at home because I used to live in two different place to play work and socialize...

My plan? right now I have no plan..., things that come in my mind are about meet new people, play around and having fun in different way...., maybe i can find a club, community, baby gym or place that provide "Baby and me" classes or other activities...,

If i can't find it, that means i should create one :D  i'm going to live in pondok gede, bekasi so if you know some information, please contact me...,

Now let's start browsing...,

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