Wednesday, December 11, 2013

# stay at home mom

Laundry Routine

First of all i want to say that i hate laundry.. For all this time my maid is the one who always clean the laundry.. When i do this laundry by myself, actually with hubby's favor, i still feel it's really hard and the hardest part is about this never ending story.,

Since i'm going to be stay at home mom, i don't want to spend each day with the same routine so i should really think about a strategy..., i read a lot and here is what i get and i will implement it too in the future.,,,
First is i'm going to do laundry in 2 days per week.,and second i will load the laundry in the night, set the time that i want... (dear hubby, first priority buy washing machine with a programmable timer) and third is start the morning with put the load in the dryer...,

will this work for me? i have no idea but since i'm a lazy person i will try the most efficient way :))

anyway if you want to know about how others make their strategy in manage this task you can see in this blog mamaslaundrytalk, her post is inspire me...,


  1. beli frontloading yg 100% dry aja, mau nyuci kapanpun juga bs hehehe... kompensasinya: harga mahal, listrik mahal, baju2nya harus yg kualitas bagus klo ga menciut :D

  2. Itu maksudnya bisa kering beneran tanpa harus ngejemur din? Asik ih klo bisa ky gt din... Cuma mahalnya ga kuat din klo sampe ke operasional mah hehe

  3. Iya, klo ga salah electrolux 9 jtan harganya hihihi... Wattnya gede bgt tapi