Monday, December 30, 2013

# Daily Journal

Birthday Gift

Hubby asked me about what i want for birthday gift...,,,
and i said i want a book..., any book that can make me creative....,

We have a different taste..., 
so it is much much better if we asked each other about a gift....

And here's what he got for me...., artful spaces and a notebook....,

There are a lot if diy wall art and i will try to make this on maybe 3 doors in our future house...,
Can't  wait to make over our doors....., 

i'm so grateful that hubby allow me to do this...
i also asked for one wall in our house for experiment... :o

It's gonna be fun..., i think i'm so late about my big interest on art....,,,
Anyway thank you hubby for the book and also the notebook...., 
i love the blank paper :p and the possibility to refill the notebook by myself..., 


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