Wednesday, December 4, 2013

# aleena

First Haircut Experience

On sunday afternoon.. we have a plan to go to barbershop along with our niece haadi. we then go with aleena and haadi's mommy.,

when we arrived haadi got the first turn to cut the hair... he was really obedient from the beginning and during the haircut.. Aleena seems excited and pay close attention to haadi..., She said to me she also wants to have a haircut...,

at first i was hesitant but when i see aleena could calm sit in the chair, i let the stylist to cut her hair..., "please just trim a little..."..,

This is her first haircut experience, but in Barbershop not in Saloon heuuu... But since the result is good, it's okay then... Thanks to haadi and the stylist who can make this magic happened to 22 months old baby

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